White Dwarf, Issue 43

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Front Cover

Magazine: White Dwarf

Publisher: Games Workshop

Product Code: N/A

Publishing Year: 1983

Pages: 42

Cover Price: £0.75

Editor: Ian Livingstone

Authors: Marcus L. Rowland, Lew Pulsipher, Oliver Dickinson, Daniel Collerton, Thomas M. Price, Dave Langford, Bob McWilliams, Albie Fiore

Artists: Jim Burns (Cover), Gary Chalk, Ian Appleyard, Gary Mayes, John Mould, Emmanuel, Nic Weeks, Trevor Hammond

Format: Softcover


Scenarios: N/A

Articles: Cthulhu Now!, Part 2 (Pages 10 - 11)

Additional: N/A

Comments / Trivia

This issue contains part two of Marcus L. Rowland's groundbreaking series on running Call of Cthulhu in the modern day (1980s).


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