Walter de la Poer

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Walter de la Poer is a fictional character of the Cthulhu Mythos created by H.P. Lovecraft in his story The Rats in the Walls. Walter de la Poer is the ancestor of Gilbert de la Poer, and was the eleventh Baron Exham, and the last de la Poer to live in the Exham Priory. According to legend he discovered something horrible amongst his families "cult" and murdered his father, three brothers and two sisters. He then fled to Vriginia in the 1600s. There he set up Carfax, his families home on the banks of the James. From him came the American Delapores. During the Civil war Carfax burnt down, killing the oldest Delapore at the time, and ruining the families fortune. With them went a sealed letter that bore Walter de la Pore's secret, and what he had discovered under Exham priory. Among his descendants are Alfred Delapore, Mr. Delapore who restored Exham Priory, and Randolph Delapore.


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