W. Romaine Newbold

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W. Romaine Newbold is professor at the University of Pennsylvania who worked on the Voynich Manuscript in the 1920s.

Prof. Newbold claimed to have cracked the cypher the Voynich manuscript was written in and claimed it contained the scientific theories of Roger Bacon. Bacon, a Franciscan monk who died around 1294 seemed to have invented the microscope 400 years early. According to Newbold's work Bacon had written a great deal about cell structure and microscopic organisms well before his time.

Newbold's translation of the work was incredibly exciting and was upheld as a great work of American scholarship.

Professor Newbold died in 1926. His work was continued by his friend Roland Kent, who sadly discounted most of it. Under the microscope Bacon's cypher turned out to be a product of flaking ink, leaving half letters. The manuscript and Newbold's work fell into obscurity until it was picked back up by Paul Dunbar Lang in the 1960s.

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