Unseen Masters

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Front Cover

Publisher: Chaosium

Product Code: 2384

Publishing Year: 2001

Pages: 216

Cover Price: $23.95

Author: Bruce Ballon

Interior Art: Paul Carrick

Cover Art: Matt Harpold

Plans & Maps: Drashi Khendup

Playtesters: Sean Carney, Paul Godin, Paul Hayward, Kerri Lakatosh-Hayward, Phaedra Livingstone, Julie Ralph, Jeff Schachter

Editorial: Lynn Willis and David Mitchell

Design & Layout: David Mitchell

Copyediting: David Mitchell

Setting: Modern

Format: Softcover


Scenarios: The Wild Hunt, The Truth Shall Set You Free, Coming of Age

Additional: Index, Foreward, Introduction, Appendices, Handouts

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Comments / Trivia

Dedications:This book is dedicated to Robert Bloch & Richard Matheson, Master of Terror. Special thanks to My supportive wife Anna, My should-have-been-brother Sean, and Lynn Willis, for letting me create this blashemous tome.

Winner of the Origins Award for Best Role-Playing Game Adventure of 2001

Includes Delta Green conversions notes; use of DG material not cleared in advance with Pagan Publishing.


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