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Here are some advanced maneuvers for editing.

Links, Redirects, and Disambiguation

Links are how we navigate within the wiki.

[[Standard Link]] is a Standard Link 
It will point to an article on the wiki called Standard Link, whether or not the article exists.
[[Standard Link|This link]] is a Aliased Standard Link 
An aliased link is a Standard Link, but it appears differently on the page. Put the link target first, then the pipe character '|', then the link title / text / alias. This link goes to the Standard Link page.
http://www.yog-sothoth.com is an External Link
External links are simply created by typing a URL, like this: http://www.yog-sothoth.com/
[http://www.yog-sothoth.com YSDC] is an Aliased External Link
Just like an Aliased Standard Link, you can give an external link an alias, but it's done differently. Separate the URL from the title with a space character, and wrap the entire thing in single, not double, braces. YSDC goes to Yog Sothoth. If you leave no title, the URL looks like this: [1]
Colors indicate if a Page Exists
Colors vary depending on the style you've selected - a red link indicates a non-existant article, a blue link indicates an existing article. Different styles (you can select one based on your account profile) may have text that is struck-out.


Plurals Matter
Standard Link and Standard Links do not point to the same page.
Capitalization Matters
But only after the first letter: Standard Link and standard Link point to the same page, but standard link does not.
Redirection Helps
To make it so standard link goes to Standard Link, edit standard link so that the sole content reads #REDIRECT [[Standard Link]] - this redirects the page. Do not do too many redirects.
Disambiguate Multiple Definitions
Articles with multiple definitions get confusing. For example, The Call of Cthulhu could mean the game or the book or the XBox game. The Call of Cthulhu has already been set up as a disambiguation page and is a good example. Other Disambiguation pages are listed here.


You really won't need to set up tables in your general edits. You can use HTML style tables, or the wiki system has a table set-up involving judicious use of pipes '|', square brackets '[' and other characters, if you're so inclined. This is a good Table tutorial, or check out the source of some of our Templates, some of them use tables.

Creating Pages

Creating a page can be done in two ways, simple and annoying.

Wikis are a set of links to links to links - everything should be connected. That means that any new page you create should stem off of an existing page. Either find a red link that you want to edit the content of, or edit an existing page to add a link to your new, non-existant page, then click the link to edit your new page.
This requires that you edit the URL so that the value of title= is the name of the page you want to create. This does not guarantee that your new page is going to be referenced by any other page, though. So make sure it's at least categorized.

Categorizing / Grouping Pages

ETODO: Explain how to categorize pages.


TODO: Explain how to create and use a template.

System Codes

TODO: Explain how to use system settings to remove stuff like the table of contents for a page.

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