The Unspeakable Oath, Issue 25

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Front Cover

Magazine: The Unspeakable Oath

Publisher: Arc Dream Publishing under license from Pagan Publishing

Product Code: ARC6009

Publishing Year: July 2018

Pages: 68

Cover Price: $14.99 ($5.99 PDF)

Editor: Shane Ivey (Editor-In-Chief), Bret Kramer, Daniel Harms, John Tynes

Authors: Dennis Detwiller, Viktor Eikman, Adam Scott Glancy, Kevin Ham, Dennis Harms, Patrick Harrigan, Chris Huth, Shane Ivey, Steven Kaye, Bret Kramer, Darren T. Priddy, William Schar, Colin Thompson, Aaron Vanek, Hans-Christian Vortisch

Artists: David LaRocca (Cover), Kurt Komoda, Chris Huth

Format: Softcover and PDF


ISSN: 2334-4180


Scenarios: Secondary Infections (Harrigan, Modern), four Delta Green "shotgun" scenarios: Das Nachtbrüder (Huth), Operation STOP REPO (Ham), Polybius (Eikman), The Third-Man Factor (Schar)


Additional: short fiction

Comments / Trivia

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