The Plantation

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Pages: 36

Author: Wesley Martin

Artists: Janet Aulisio, Sam Inabinet

Setting: 1920s

Appears in: Mansions of Madness (Supplement - 1st edition), Mansions of Madness (Supplement - 2nd edition)


The investigators search out the secrets of a swamp in the Deep South, and descend into the lair of a being of passive disposition, but exhibiting an insatiable hunger.


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The scenario is presented in five consecutive parts: "Strangers Meet", "The Journey South", "South Carolina", "The Plantation", and "The Night of Yig".

In Arkham, the investigators become involved in helping a young boy named Joe, who is seeking help in rescuing his older sister from becoming a human sacrifice at a South Carolina plantation. The boy is searching for Albert Gist, a visiting professor at Miskatonic University and one of two brothers who own the plantation. During their meeting with the professor, the group is attacked by cultists aiming to capture the boy. Soon after, the investigators begin their journey to South Carolina, accompanied by young Joe and Professor Gist and pursued by cultists along the way.

Albert's estranged brother, Caleb Gist, runs the dilapidated plantation and is hoping to restore it to its former glory by summoning and serving Yig, the Father of Serpents. By exploiting and perverting the local Obeah religion, Caleb has formed a large cult that regularly attempts to summon Yig, but so far without success. Recently, a Serpent Man disguised as an Obeah priest has told Caleb that success depends upon his help and a human sacrifice. The investigators arrive at the plantation the day before the The Night of Yig ceremony is to be held in the nearby swampland.

Unknown to the cultists or investigators, Yig has actually arranged for the investigators and the Serpent Man to be present during the ceremony for reasons of his own. S'ssruxxa, an ancient Serpent Sorceress trapped in a tomb beneath the swamp for thousands of years, has been re-directing the power of the cultists' ceremonies toward herself. Yig intends to have the investigators distract S'ssruxxa during the upcoming ceremony, allowing him to enter our world and exact revenge upon the defiant sorceress.


Player Handouts: The Plantation Papers #1-2

Locations: Arkham, Charleston SC, Walterboro SC, Gist Plantation

Creatures: Yig, Children of Yig, Serpent Men, Zombie, Charmed Alligator, S'ssruxxa (Serpent Sorceress), Homunculi (servants of the Serpent Sorceress)

Tomes and Artifacts: Cultu Kukulcanos, Cult of Kukulcan, Papa Shapo


The contents of this article are taken from the 2nd Edition of the Mansions of Madness supplement.

The scenario includes a map of the plantation and floor plans for Albert Gist's house and the Gist mansion.

The scenario provides short side-bar articles on Yig and his minions, the Obeah religion, South Carolina as a setting, and natural swampland hazards.

Keeper Comments

The scenario states that it is intended for investigators who have had at least some experience with the Cthulhu Mythos and that good weapon skills are almost essential.

The scenario officially starts in Arkham, but it can begin in any U.S. town or city with a nearby college or university.

Certain minor NPCs (sheriff, reverend, FBI agents) are not integral to the story, but the scenario notes that the Keeper can use them to come to the investigators' rescue as a sort of "Deus ex machina" if desired.