The New Age (Campaign)

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Author(s): Adam Scott Glancy, John Tynes

Artist(s): Toren G. Atkinsons, Dennis Detwiller, Heather Hudson, John T. Snyder

Setting: Modern, Delta Green

Appears in: Delta Green (Core Sourcebook)

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Spoilers - Keepers Eyes Only

Players should not read any further.


The back story:

The Mi-Go intend to awake the planet-sized Outer God Ghroth and use its approximation to Earth's orbit as leverage with the Majestic-12. Their plan is to transmit a radio wave in a specific frequency that will awake and attract the Outer God, and then convince the MJ-12 that they can avoid this cataclysmic collision, asking for nothing in return but the assurance that the MJ-12 will keep honoring its promise to protect the Greys' activities on Earth.

The energy required to perform this operation is being gathered through the Enolsis Foundation. The foundation and its followers use crystals known as Realizers as a focus tool during their weekly meditation, with great success. What the members don't know is that, in fact, these crystal suck magic points from its users, which are later retrieved by the Mi-Go when the crystals are sent back to the central to "recharge". Only Gene Downing, the executive director of the Enolsis Foundation, and top members, all controlled by the Mi-Go, know the true nature of the crystals.

Ronald Valiant (a.k.a. Doug Walters), a former arms and drug dealer, now deacon at the Enolsis St. Louis branch, completely unaware of the arrangements between the Foundation and the aliens, start draining the energy stored in the crystals for his personal use. When one of the crystals being misused by Valiant explodes during a party, killing several people, Delta Green and the Mi-Go get involved.


Keeper Comments

According to the authors, this mini-campaign is intended for use after Convergence or any other scenario created by the Keeper that partially exposes the Mi-Go-Grey connection. The trigger event for this campaign should be a loss of faith between Majestic-12 and the Greys, most likely because evidence has come to light that the Greys may not be what they seem.