The Mysteries of Mu

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The Mysteries of Mu is a book written by Colonel Lionel Urquart on the sunken content of Mu. The Colonel claims the people of Wales come from Mu and discounts the works of other scholars on both Wales and Mu. In general it is perhaps not the most scholastic work, but some of the Colonel's theories are sound.

The book was published in the 1960s and features a "luridly designed dust jacket" with the title in scarlet letters.


The book discusses the Colonel's theories on Mu, based on relics, certain greenish lakes he claims were left behind by the people of Mu, and Churchward's Naacal Tablets.

The book recounts a basic history of Mu, that it was inhabited by two races, one a form of man, the other the alien lloigor. Ghatanothoa also lived with the lloigor there. The lloigor kept humans as slaves and fed off of their energy. The lloigor are by definition pessimistic. According to Urquart the Earth, being young, has an increase in positive energy. Evolution tends towards complication and the destruction of negative forces. Since the lloigor had to fight this "energy" they used humans as slaves to feed off and continue to survive.

Mu itself was destroyed by the lloigor. Urquart claims too that several other cities around the world were destroyed by the creatures. The lloigor have the power to cause huge explosions which leave behind the greenish contaminated lakes. He also claims the grand canyon was formed in this way.

Furthermore he goes on to postulate that lloigor still exist and feed off of people, causing depression. He claims that the Welsh are directly descended from the lloigor's slaves, resulting in those peoples general depression and higher crime rate. (This author claims no knowledge on the topic of Welsh crime rates so can't say if this fact is true)

The book probably has little practical use, his theories and arguments too disjointed to be coherent. However it is possible he is correct in some way.

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