The Masked Messenger

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The Masked Messenger is the title of a fictional volume which first appeared in David Conyers short story 'The Faceless Watchers'.


The book was written in 1726 by Sharinza: the high priestess of the Sisterhood and a concubine of Sultan Moulay Ismailand. Rumour says the books contents was inspired by the Al Azif which Sharinza glimpsed in her youth. Studying the Masked Messenger has an enervating effect which causes the reader to feel weak and drained.


The Masked Messenger is a five hundred and fifty page volume made up of five hundred different short stories. The original versions of the Messenger are written in Classic Arabic.

Many of these tales feature an entity known as the Masked Messenger which brings knowledge and destruction to the protagonists. The Dark Pharaoh Nephren Ka and the sorcerer Abdul Alhazard are mentioned in a number of the stories. Many mythos locations are discussed in the book including the fabled city of Irim in the Arabian desert, the catacombs of Nitocris under Memphis and the mysterious lost temple of the Masked Messenger. A number of towns and kingdoms in the Dreamlands are referred to by name.

Colbridge Translation

In 1928 Professor Colbridge of the British Museum translated a portion of The Masked Messenger into English. Unfortunately Colbridge's disappearance the next year left the work unfinished. The work was latter published by a Mr Rudolph Pearson.

Role Playing Game Stats

Original Version  
Sanity Loss 1D6/1D12; Cthulhu Mythos + 10 Percent. Average 24 weeks to study and comprehend/48 hours to skim.
Colbridge Version 
Sanity Loss 1D2/2D4; Cthulhu Mythos + 3 Percent. Average 6 weeks to study and comprehend/12 hours to skim.