The Kranorian Annals, Fact or Fallacy?

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Origin: This work first appeared in Return to Dunwich, by Keith Herber.


The Kranorian Annals, Fact or Fallacy? by Garson Casterwell of Boston. A monograph in English, with examples of an unusual family of runes, about the translation of Tsath-Yo and other Hyperborean languages towards the end of the 1920s; describes Hyperborean and similar runes from around the world. It is among the unrestricted volumes in the Orne Library, and investigators can make a Luck roll to see if they glean enough information from the appendices of the book to interpret the runes. Only 1100 copies were printed.

Mythos Content

Spells: (none?)

  • Sanity Loss: (none?)
  • Mythos Knowledge: (none?)
  • Occult Knowledge: (none?)