The Hand Of Abyzou

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Pages: 36

Author(s): Stuart Boon


Setting: 1920s

Appears in: Shadows Over Scotland published by Cubicle 7



When an old friend ends up in an Edinburgh asylum raving about witchcraft and the end of the world, the investigators must uncover the mystery of the ‘sleepers’ and venture into Edinburgh’s vaults to face an ancient terror that must never wake.


Spoilers - Keepers Eyes Only

Players should not read any further.


 Spoiler Section (Highlight to Read)
The investigators' friend was infiltrating a group of cultists who worship a snake goddess called "Abyzou". The cultists are excavating tunnels beneath Edinburgh.

Serpent people control the cultists. The object of the serpent people is to revive others located in an underground city.

When the investigators find the cultists' lair, the serpent people have turned on the cultists and wiped them out. The final scene is a race by the investigators to keep the "sleepers" entombed.


Player Handouts:

  • McAlpine's Letter
  • The Sign of Abyzou
  • McTaggart's Working Journal
  • Excerpt from Ashbury’s ‘On the Proliferation of Snake Cults in Scotland’
  • Breen’s Journal
  • Campbell’s Map to the Lair of the Sleepers
  • MacAllister’s Prophecy
  • Map of the Sleepers’ Lair

Locations: Edinburgh, Edinburgh Vaults

Creatures: Serpent Men

Tomes and Artifacts: Ruins of a Serpent People city full of artifacts, should the Keeper wish it

Campaigns / Scenarios:


Keeper Comments

 Spoiler Section (Highlight to Read)
When the investigators reach the lair of the sleepers, the Keeper could keep the time pressure up in the following manner.

Roll a die secretly. Place the die in front of the players. Don't explain what it means but decrement the number on the die by one each turn of movement and/or combat so that it acts like a timer. Do this in real time as well whenever the players are talking - maybe every couple of minutes depending on how chatty they are and how quickly the Keeper wants to move things along.

If playing this scenario before the others, the EPS might be a useful linking device. As a group of rich and influential men with an interest in the occult, they could direct the investigators to other strange situations (not just in Scotland). Also, they might be a useful resource for the investigators to obtain guns, bail, etc.