The Derelict (Scenario)

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Petersen's Abominations

Pages: 28

Authors: Sandy Petersen, Mike Mason

Editors: Sandy Petersen, Mike Mason

Setting: Modern

Appears in: Petersen's Abominations.


A final journey brings a remarkable discovery and a hidden terror.



Spoilers - Keepers Eyes Only

Players should not read any further.




Player Handouts:

  • Map of The Delilah
  • Map of the Groenland Tropisch
  • Section of "Erik the Red's Saga"

Locations: North Atlantic

Creatures: Sciapod

Tomes and Artifacts: ...


This scenario was originally offered and run for Free RPG Day 2016.

Keeper Comments

Accommodating two to six players, this scenario can be played in a single session. The adventure concerns a missing reefer ship, the Groenland Tropisch, which has been stranded on an iceberg. The thought of a substantial salvage reward drives the investigators to attempt to rescue the ship, but in doing so they attract the attention of a strange and deadly monster.