The Complete Pegana

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The Complete Pegana


Publisher: Oakland, CA : Chaosium, Inc., 1998

Page Count: 256 p.

Author(s): Lord Dunsany; S.T. Joshi, editor

Artist(s): H. E. Fassl, cover; Dave Carson, illustrations


All the Tales Pertaining to the Fabulous Realm of Pegana. Contains the contents of Dunsany's first two collections, The Gods of Pegana and Time and the Gods, as well as his final Pegana trilogy, Beyond the Fields We Know.


  • Introduction, S.T. Joshi
  • The Gods of Pegana
    • "The Gods of Pegana"
    • "Of Skarl the Drummer"
    • "Of the Making of the Worlds"
    • "Of the Game of the Gods"
    • "The Chaunt of the Gods"
    • "The Sayings of Kib"
    • "Concerning Sish"
    • "The Sayings of Slid"
    • "The Deeds of Mung"
    • "The Chaunt of the Priests"
    • "The Sayings of Limpang-Tung"
    • "Of Yoharneth-Lahai"
    • "Of Roon, the God of Going"
    • "The Revolt of the Home Gods"
    • "Of Dorozhand"
    • "The Eye in the Waste"
    • "Of the Thing That Is Neither God Nor Beast"
    • "Yonath the Prophet"
    • "Yug the Prophet"
    • "Alhireth-Hotep the Prophet"
    • "Kabok the Prophet"
    • "Of the Calamity That Befel Yun-Ilara by the Sea"
    • "Of How the Gods Whelmed Sidith"
    • "Of How Imbraun Became High Prophet in Aradec"
    • "Of How Imbraun Met Zodrak"
    • "Pegana"
    • "The Sayings of Imbaun"
    • "Of How Imbaun Spake of Death to the King"
    • "Of Ood"
    • "The River"
    • "The Bird of Doom and The End"
  • Time and the Gods
    • "Time and the Gods"
    • "The Coming of the Sea"
    • "A Legend of the Dawn"
    • "The Vengeance of Men"
    • "When the Gods Slept"
    • "The King That Was Not"
    • "The Cave of Kai"
    • "The Sorrow of Search"
    • "The Men of Yarnith"
    • "For the Honour of the Gods"
    • "Night and Morning"
    • "Usury"
    • "Mlideen"
    • "The Secret of the Gods"
    • "The South Wind"
    • "In the Land of Time"
    • "The Relenting of Sarnidac"
    • "The Jest of the Gods"
    • "The Dreams of a Prophet"
    • "The Journey of the King"
  • Beyond the Fields We Know

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Chaosium publication 6016. ISBN 1-56882-116-6. Part of the Call of Cthulhu Fiction line.


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