The Cards of Cthulhu

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The Cards of Cthulhu


Publisher: Dan Verssen Games

Product Code/SKU: pn-32070


Year: 2014

Designer(s): Ian Richard

Artist(s): Christian Quinot

Number of Players: 1 to 4 players

Estimated Playing Time: 30 to 90 minutes

Suggested Ages: 12+

Expansions: The Cards of Cthulhu: Beyond the Veil

Other Editions: None


From the back of the box:

The Cards of Cthulhu casts you and up to 3 of your friends in the roles of Investigators saving the world from madness. The Gates to the abyss are opening and the Minions and Horrors of the Elder Gods are breaking through to our world.

The Cards of Cthulhu can be played with 1 to 4 players. The game system controls the Otherworldly Creatures. The Cards of Cthulhu does not require any special rules for solitaire play!

The Cards of Cthulhu rule book includes a collection of Cthulhu short stories specifically contributed to the game by world renown authors: David Gerrold, Matt Forbeck, and Daniel Keys Moran!

Comments / Trivia

The rule book for The Cards of Cthulhu includes three Cthulhu Mythos short stories:

Dan Verssen Games also produces a "Bonus Pack" for Cards of Cthulhu with additional coins and dice for the game.