The Bosworth House

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A weird vision

Pages: 22-40

Author(s): Ben Wenham

Setting: 1920s, Lovecraft Country

Appears in: The Arkham Gazette #1.


A doctor's murder draws investigators into a house that was truly not a home.


Spoilers - Keepers Eyes Only

Players should not read any further.


A doctor is murdered and his wife is the chief suspect. The investigators are asked to help discover what happened and in the process of this discover that something was (and is) not quite right at the Bosworth House.


Player Handouts: Doctor Slain in West Arkham!, Journal Entries from Margaret Hannigan (4), a set of Doctor's Notes is referenced but were omitted from the scenario.

Locations: Arkham, Lovecraft Country

Creatures: None.

Tomes and Artifacts: None


This scenario was in part inspired by the story "The Yellow Wallpaper".

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