The Armitage Files

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Front Cover

Publisher: Pelgrane Press

Product Code: PELGT10

Publishing Year: 2010

Pages: 150

Cover Price: $33.95

Author(s): Robin D. Laws, Steve Dempsey

Artist(s): Jérôme Huguenin, Sarah Wroot (handouts)

Style(s): Meta-Scenario kit

Format(s): Softcover and PDF

ISBN: 1-93485-932-X


This book is a kind of "scenario toolkit" which a keeper can use to construct his or her own custom adventure.

The basic premise is that a series of unusual documents and manuscripts (provided as lavishly-drawn player handouts) starts to appear in various places at Miskatonic University's Orne Library. The documents include lots of references which could be investigated.

The remainder of the book describes many resources that could form part of such an investigation: non-player characters, generic place descriptions and information about magical effects. Using these resources and the "clues" unearthed from the documents, many different specific adventures could be constructed. Some general advice (and some examples) are provided, but the specifics of building the scenario are left to the Keeper.

  • These Dread Pages (notes on using the remainder of the material in the book to build a custom adventure)
  • People
  • Places
  • Tomes and Magic
  • Scenario Spines
  • Appendix: The Armitage Files (the player handouts)

Scenarios: The Armitage Files (Meta-Scenario)

Front Cover Text

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Back Cover Text

The Armitage Files

Formless Fears!

The Armitage Files presents a boldly innovative way to generate blood-chilling adventures for your Trail Of Cthulhu investigators. Players seize on clues presented in the ten mysterious documents.

They choose which leads to track down. The Keeper, using clearly broken down step-by-step techniques introduced in this volume, improvises suitably mind-blasting mysteries in response to their choices. Weave these together into an epic campaign of madness, dread and danger.

Terror Between the Lines!

Mystery takes on written form when pages from a disturbing manuscript fall into the investigators’ hands. Can your mind correlate the awful beauty of 10 stunningly distressed handouts realized by acclaimed illustrator Sarah Wroot? A series of scrawled messages, comprising a free-floating cacophony of facts, speculations, and fevered imaginings, portends cryptic doom. Preliminary inquiries reveal that they are written in the hand of Dr. Henry Armitage, director emeritus of the Miskatonic University Library.

Components of Calamity!

Combine the documents with pre-prepared elements such as supporting characters (in sinister, heroic or in between versions), organizations, locations and artifacts to create your unique version of the Armitage Files.

With clear advice to players and Keepers on improvisation, extensive examples and advice, following the Trail of Cthulhu Will Never Be the Same Again!

Will You?

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Playtesters: Enrique Esturillo, Nast Marrero, Pablo Valcarcel, Nestor Ramos, Javier Dorta, Cripzy Reyes, Nestor Bolaños , Jorge Andrés, Arseny Kuznetsov, :Sam Friedman, Andy Johnson, Kyle Thoson, Jamie Huddle, Dr. D, Kev Hickman, Belinda Kelly, Sly Gryphon, Malcolm Edwards, Anna Kucharski, Kev Hickman, Tony Sweeting, Mike Riddle, Andy Whitwham, Mike Hough, Alexander and Julia Drobyshev, Fedor Dudnik and Alexey Dobrynin.


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