The Arkham Gazette, Issue 0

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Arkham Gazette #0

Publisher: Sentinel Hill Press

Product Code: SHP-AG-0

Publishing Year: 2013; Revised April 2016

Pages: 48; Revised issue 43

Cover Price: Pay what you want; Print on Demand $3.00

Author: Bret Kramer

Illustrations: Chris Huth and Galen Pejeau

Maps: Bret Kramer; Revised Chris Huth

Setting: 1920s, Lovecraft Country

Format(s): PDF, Print



Scenario: The Chapochaug Tunnel Haunting

Articles: The Amos-Goodrich Cemetery, Highways in New England, The Aylesbury Pike, Curtis Sloan, Encyclopedia Salesman, New England's Petroglyphs, Mr. Pickett Goes a Huntin', Annotated Scenario List: the Aylesbury Pike

Revised issue additional article The Phantom of the Aylesbury Pike

Front Cover Text

The Arkham Gazette. The Aylesbury Pike and Beyond. Issue Zero.

Back Cover Text

"Snow blankets a lonely farmhouse near Dunwich... the source of the strange footprints was unknown

The Arkham Gazette is a hypothetical periodical produced by Bret Kramer for no particular reason other than he was in the mood. Whether or not I make future issues depends greatly on how much interest this prototype receives and how much time I have to work on future issues. Comments, questions, suggestions, submissions, and all types of feedback can be sent to"

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Dedicated to Lynn Willis


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