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Neil as the Keeper of Arcane Lore

"IT IS OCTOBER 1928. London is the capital of an empire covering a quarter of the globe. People busy themselves with concerns of politics and government, finance and production, work and recreation. How fragile things are. What ignorance there is - but there are those who engage in different pursuits — who would see an inhuman power come to Earth... Over this winter its taint emerges: the sensitive and the weak feel it first. Few know the source.

Artists’ work is strangely influenced, mining this new vein of creativity. Exhibitions feature images of gatherings gripped by repressed panic; a lake cloaked in mist; a presence just off-canvas. New novels and plays offer scenes of upheaval and confusion that never reach a climax. Seances and mediumistic exhibitions bring untoward results and end in disarray. Others feel new lines of communication opening; some claim God is talking to them.

All feel the lure of the stars. Hastur's Gaze Gains Brief Focus Upon the Earth."

Tatters of the King, written by Tim Wiseman.

A series of Binaual audio recordings in MP3 format, of game play sessions conducted by Call of Cthulhu players from Innsmouth House as they run through the Tatters of the King campaign.

Keeper of Arcane Lore

Neil Young


Finlay Patterson, Paul of Cthulhu, Val Robertson , Helen of Cthulhu, Sophie

Handouts & Miscellany

PDF Documents of Handouts 31 MB

Character Portraits 47 MB

Episode Guide

Game in play.

Episode 00 - Character Creation

"A chosen few"

Audio file: 71 MB MP3 Recorded: Thurs 25 June 2009 Running time: 01:38:59

Episode 01 - A Night at the Theatre

"London, seat of Empire"

Audio file: 85 MB MP3 Recorded: Thurs 9 July 2009 Running time: 01:58:10

Episode 02 - St. Agnes

What's next?

Audio file: 96 MB MP3 Recorded: Thurs 16 July 2009 Running time: 02:12:51

Episode 03 - Halloween Happenings

A shiny penny for the boy...

Audio file: 112 MB MP3 Recorded: Thurs 30 July 2009 Running time: 02:35:34

Episode 04 - Tuck into a Good Investigation

The clues come thick & fast.

Audio file: 84 MB MP3 Recorded: Thurs 13 August 2009 Running time: 02:01:23

Episode 05 - The Nine Teeth

Whistle and I'll come to you...

Audio file: 84 MB MP3 Recorded: Thurs 20 August 2009 Running time: 02:24:01 (not yet live)

Episode 06 - In Search of their Quarrie

On the trail.

Audio file: 84 MB MP3 Recorded: Thurs 10 September 2009 Running time: 01:25:32

Episode 07 - Madness, Murder, Mayhem ...and Goats?

Seeing is believing.

Audio file: 84 MB MP3 Recorded: Thurs 24 September 2009 Running time: 02:13:27

Episode 08 - Terror by Torchlight

Only the brave, return.

Audio file: 84 MB MP3 Recorded: Thurs 01 October 2009 Running time: 02:05:38

Episode 09 - The Gaseous Bag of Horror

Events reach a climax.

Audio file: 84 MB MP3 Recorded: Thurs 22 October 2009 Running time: 02:01:23

Episode 10 - Adventus Regis

Roman Holiday.

Audio file: 106 MB MP3 Recorded: Weds 25 November 2009 Running time: 02:35:28

Episode 11 - Herald to the Yellow King: Part I

Medieval Matters.

Audio file: 113 MB MP3 Recorded: Thurs 3 December 2009 Running time: 02:45:23

Episode 12 - Herald to the Yellow King: Part II

Events reach a climax.

Audio file: 55 MB MP3 Recorded: Thurs 17 December 2009 Running time: 01:20:52

Episode 13 - Heir to Carcosa Part I

Cthulhu in Spaaaace.

Audio file: 93 MB MP3 Recorded: Thurs 14 January 2010 Running time: 02:16:09

Episode 14 - Heir to Carcosa Part II

Virtual Investigations.

Audio file: 102 MB MP3 Recorded: Thurs 21 January 2010 Running time: 02:28:31

Episode 15 - Nug's Farm


Audio file: 74 MB MP3 Recorded: Thurs 28 January 2010 Running time: 01:48:07

Episode 16 - The Viceroy of India

A Sanity restoring Cruise.

Audio file: 100 MB MP3 Recorded: Thurs 11 February 2010 Running time: 02:26:12

Episode 17 - A Higher Plain

Events reach a climax.

Audio file: 85 MB MP3 Recorded: Thurs 18 February 2010 Running time: 02:04:30

Episode 18 - Death in High Places

A Dramatic End.

Audio file: 115 MB MP3 Recorded: Thurs 25 February 2010 Running time: 02:47:20

This concludes the Innsmouth House Players' game of Tatters of the King.

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