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Fan Theories and Suggestions

  • Tcho-Tcho worship bizarre carnivorous plants they call Klaaktuk, especially the monstrous "Buna Klaaktuk" ("King Triffid", "Old Man Rattler" or "Great Witch-Doctor"). Tcho-Tcho regard the plants as gifts from the gods, as family, and as beings as intelligent as men, and Tcho-Tcho colonies in Asia often cultivate these plants. Tcho-Tcho are immune from the plant's blinding sting; share the plant's diet of rotting human flesh; produce from the plant clothing and ornaments from fibers, dyes from the flowers, high-grade vegetable oil from the stems, poison darts from the stingers, musical rattles and blow-guns from the plant's "clatter-sticks", and ritual hallucinogens prepared from mashed seeds (said to be especially potent when harvested soon after the plant has consumed a powerful witch-doctor). The mightiest and wisest of Tcho-Tcho "witch-doctors" wizards are spared from being eaten in cannibal feasts upon death, and are instead fed to Klaaktuk, especially the legendary, gigantic Buna Klaaktuk, oldest and wisest of the plant's kind, which stomps through the primeval jungles of Asia. Buna Klaaktuk is said to be large enough for the Tcho-Tcho's ancestors to have either carved caves or homes into the plant's vast bole or otherwise been absorbed into the cavities in Buna Klaaktuk's stem, or (in other legends) for Tcho-Tchos to been swallowed alive and whole by Buna Klaaktuk, and then slowly digested for generations, until their spirits or souls are reincarnated into the plant, which the Tcho-Tcho claim to be a great honor reserved for the greatest of the Tcho-Tcho. (User:Ywhateley)
  • There is some thematic overlap between the Tcho-Tchos and Ghouls, Deep Ones, Deros, Faeries, Lloigor, Serpent People, Worms of the Earth/Children of the Night, and virtually any "cannibal savage" tribe found in pulp literature, and some keepers may find it useful to blur the lines between them. (fan interpretation)