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I meant to start cataloging some of the scenario in-jokes, like 'Rawes'. There are a few doppelganger characters in scenarios either meant to be the author themselves or other CoC writers. Off the top of my head you have Rawes (aka Kevin Allen Ross), Scotty Andrewski and Olson 'Dac' Wittoski (Scott David Anoilowsky), Reinhold Blair (Blair Reynolds)... All of these were created in the vein of the Bloch/Lovecraft in-joke in "The Shadow of the Steeple" and "Haunter in the Darkness" in which the pair killed each other off.

Unfortunately, time has been short of late and I havent had the chance to fully dig through the books to find the rest.

Additionally, I was considering adding other trivia of this sort (i.e. L.N. Inniswyl being Lynn Willis, that sort of them) if I can remember them all.

Sorry for the enigma.


  • Nothing wrong with that - you should create a "Trivia" category and lump these into it!--Squashua 10:18, 6 February 2006 (EST)
  • Better than a Trivia Category, I would say set this page as a REDIRECT to the appropriate actual writer it refers to, and list this information under the comment/trivia section for that writer. See Writers for more details about the Writer template. --Squashua 09:33, 8 February 2006 (EST)