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Y.Whateley, 03:51, 5 August 2018 (UTC)

Slowly making some progress. I still haven't suggested plot ideas for different settings. Delta Green needs some detail.

Y.Whateley, Feb 20, 2017:

I've been putting off writing this article for a long, long time, and I still haven't really started it. Explore the "What links here" link for an idea of how often they've been mentioned, and for ideas of things to add to this page. Needs some mythos-y lore tacked on (perhaps with the help of a Monster-Makeover thread in the YSDC Forums), illustrations, quotes (perhaps from Betty and Barny Hill?), links to the handful of movies with pages in this wiki which have "Greys" in them ("The Fourth Kind", "VHS", "X-Files", "Dark Skies", perhaps a couple others), a more comprehensive list of Mythos lore, etc. Greys are normally associated with UFO lore, but no reason why they have to come from space in flying saucers - they might just as easily slip through from a sort of hellish "faerie land" in another dimension (Other Side) using magic, for example. Delta Green is the obvious setting for them, though I would prefer to find roles for them in settings like "Cthulhu: Icarus", "Dark Ages", "Gaslight", etc., with a more "Lovecraftian" angle to them (the hybrid aspect of the lore resembles Lovecraft's Ghouls and Deep Ones quite closely, and seem like a useful - if pedestrian - model for Greys to follow).