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What's On This Page (And What's Not)

These are Cthulhu Mythos-themed Solo games.

More specifically ...

Mythos-Themed: These lists include solo supplements and games featuring the Cthulhu Mythos. These lists do not include games that contain a mention of the Cthulhu Mythos but are not generally Mythos-themed. (Yes, Illuminati has "The Servants of Cthulhu." No, that doesn't make it a Mythos-themed game.)

Solo Games: This category includes games are designed for play with a single player or have rules for play with a single player. For role-playing game supplements, this can mean either scenarios with just one player and no Keeper (usually written in the style of the old Choose Your Own Adventure or Fighting Fantasy books), or it can mean scenarios with one Keeper and one player. For boardgames and miniatures games, this can mean games designed specifically for a single player, or it can mean games that include single-player rules but that can also be played by more players. For video games, this means games that are designed to be played by a single player.

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Call of Cthulhu Scenarios (One Player, No Keeper)

Scenarios Suitable for Solo Play

Released Title Publisher Edition Notes
1983-1984 The Thing in the Darkness Steve Jackson Games - Published in Fantasy Gamer, Issue 3
1985 Alone Against the Dark Chaosium - -
1985 Alone Against the Wendigo Chaosium - -
1992 Grimrock Isle Triad Entertainments - -
1992 Alone on Halloween Pagan Publishing - -
2011 The Lonely Road Kinstaff Media - Published in Protodimension Magazine, Issue 9
2014 Alone Against the Flames Chaosium - Introductory scenario for 7th Edition Call of Cthulhu

Call of Cthulhu Scenarios (One Player, One Keeper)

Note that, as Call of Cthulhu scenarios are generally written for any number of players, many of them could theoretically be run with only one player. This list only includes those that are specifically written for a single player.

Scenarios Suitable for Single Players

Released Title Publisher Edition Notes
1983 Paper Chase Chaosium - Scenario in Cthulhu Companion
1990 Mr. Corbitt Chaosium - Scenario in Mansions of Madness (for 1 or more players)
1993 Tea and Biscuits Game Designers Workshop - Published in Challenge, Issue 71
2010 Monophobia Unbound Publishing - Sourcebook with three scenarios

Board Games (One Player Only)

Released Title Publisher Edition Notes
2012 Dice of Arkham Self-Published - Print-and-Play Game
2012 Hornet Leader: The Cthulhu Conflict Dan Verssen Games - Cthulhu Mythos-themed expansion of non-Cthulhu Mythos game

Board Games (Multi-Player Game with One-Player Rules)

Released Title Publisher Edition Notes
1987 Arkham Horror Chaosium 1st Edition -
2002 Cthulhu Mash Evil Polish Brothers - -
2005 Arkham Horror Fantasy Flight Games 2nd Edition -
2009 Call of Cthentacle Postmortem Studios - -
2010 Arkham Express Self-Published - Print-and-Play Game
2011 Cthulhu Zap Self-Published - Print-and-Play Game
2011 Elder Sign (board game) Fantasy Flight Games - -
2012 Looney Pyramids: Builders of R'leyh Icehouse Games - Print-and-Play Game
2013 Arkham Investigator Self-Published 1st Edition Print-and-Play Game
2013 The Cards of Cthulhu Dan Verssen Games - -
2013 Eldritch Horror Fantasy Flight Games - -
2013 Machina Arcana MAGE Company - -
2014 Shadow of the Elder Gods Labratory Games - -
2015 Wake up, Cthulhu GDM Games - -
2016 Cthulhu: A Deck Building Game Wyvern Gaming - -
2016 Multiuniversum: Project Cthulhu Board & Dice - Cthulhu Mythos-themed expansion of non-Cthulhu Mythos game
2016 Mythos Tales 8th Summit 2nd Edition -
2016 Yahtzee: Cthulhu USAopoly - -

Video Games

Released Title Developer Publisher Notes
1993 Call of Cthulhu: Shadow of the Comet Infogrames Entertainment Strategic Simulations, Inc.
1995 Call of Cthulhu: Prisoner of Ice Infogrames Entertainment I-Motion
Xing Entertainment
2005 Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth Headfirst Productions Bethesda Softworks
2011 Elder Sign: Omens Fantasy Flight Games Fantasy Flight Games -
2012 Call of Cthulhu: The Wasted Land Red Wasp Design Red Wasp Design -