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A Shoggoth is a gigantic protoplasmic glob of cells that were originally created by the Elder Things to be used for manual labor. It is uncertain how intelligent they are, as they were originally designed to be mindless creatures by the Elder Things, but eventually gained minds of their own, and even rebelled against the Elder Things. They are first introduced in Lovecraft's "The Mountains of Madness".


A average Shoggoth is about 15 feet in diameter when contracted into a sphere, but larger ones do exist. The only permanent structures that they seem to have are eyes and mouths, each Shoggoth having dozens of both. Shoggoths are generally Amoeba-like, and so presumed to capture prey using tentacle-like pseudopods. Shoggoths often mimic the habits and speech of their old masters, and it is not unusual to hear them shouting "Tekeli-li" in the piping voice of the Elder thing. Shoggoths are incredibly strong creatures, and when not being controlled, very aggressive. They are noted as killing their victims by sucking their heads off, and it is noted that Elder Things used them as weapons of war.

Shoggoths are found primarily in Antarctica, the last bastion of the Elder Things, though there is mention of various other cults and groups, such as the Deep Ones, making use of the creatures.