Shades of Terror

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Publisher: Games Workshop

Product Code: ?

Announce Date: 1985?

Expected Publication Date: Summer 1985

Project Status: Cancelled; portions released as part of Trail of the Loathsome Slime

Expected Page Count: 72

Author: Marcus Rowland

Artists: Terry Oaks(cover) and Kevin Bulmer (interior)

Setting: Modern (1980s)

Format: Probably Softcover



Scenarios: Trail of the Loathsome Slime, The Shadow Over the Moon, untitled short scenario

Articles: "contains sections on modern-day characters and weapons, professions etc."

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Comments / Trivia

Here is the description from Dagon #7 (May/June 1985): "'Shades of Terror' is the title of Games Workshop's next scenario pack, due out in the summer, written by Marcus L. Rowland, the tome features a 1980's campaign, with sections on modern-day characters and weapons, professions etc. The pack contains two small adventures - a revised 'Trail of the Loathsome Slime' originally in WD43, plus a completely new adventure - plus a large 8 part scenario 'The Shadow Over the Moon'. The book is 72pp long plus player handouts. Cover by Terry Oaks and interior illustrations by Kevin Bulmer."


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