Secrets of Morocco

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Front Cover

Publisher: Chaosium

Product Code: 23105

Publishing Year: 2008

Pages: 128

Cover Price: $20.95

Author(s): William Jones

Artist(s): Malcolm McClinton (cover), Dean Kuhta, Bryan Reagan, Eric Smith

Setting(s): 1920s, 1930s

Format(s): Softcover

ISBN: 1-56882-249-9


This book is a revised and expanded version of the material previously published in monograph form under the title Mysteries of Morocco.

New source material has been added to the original monograph text as well as an additional scenario.

The revised book is made up of eight chapters and an appendix:

  • Chapter One: The Making Of Morocco
    • The History Of Morocco
    • Moroccan Geography
    • Transportation
    • The Capital Of Morocco
  • Chapter Two: Rabat
    • The Quarters Of Rabat
    • Oudaïa Kasbah
    • Ville Nouvelle
    • Chellah Necropolis
    • Sala Colonia
  • Chapter Three: Casablanca
    • The Quarters Of Casablanca
    • Port District
    • Quartier Habous
  • Chapter Four: Marrakech
    • The Quarters Of Marrakech
    • Quarter Kasbah
    • Quarter Mellah
    • Quarter Souks
    • Mouassine Quarter
    • Quarter Sidi Bel Abbès
    • Quarter Gueliz
    • Quarter Hivernage
  • Chapter Five: The Moroccan Interior
    • The Rif, Atlas Mountains And The Sahara
    • Unanticipated Encounter: The Blood Rain
    • The High Atlas
    • The Sahara
    • The Northern Sahara
  • Chapter Six: The Tablets Of Ur-Nansha (Scenario)
  • Chapter Seven: The Ocean Of Sand (Scenario)
  • Chapter Eight: Societies, Cults, And Mysteries
    • Cults And The Moroccan Underground
    • Adventuring In Morocco
    • Optional Rules: Mount Chases
  • Appendix

Scenarios: The Tablets Of Ur-Nansha, The Ocean Of Sand

Front Cover Text


Eldritch Explorations in the Ancient Kingdom

Back Cover Text

WELCOME TO THE SECRETS OF MOROCCO! This book provides players with a civil, geographical, cultural, political, and Mythos tour of Morocco during the 1920s and 1930s. Morocco will seem like another world, with its cultural differences and its customs being foreign to many Westerners of the 1920s.

The country is vast, and not every city can be covered in depth. This supplement details the political capital, Rabat, the economic capital, Casablanca, as well as Marrakech, one of Morocco’s grandest cities. It provides broad outlines and maps for several other cities.

Morocco is a country of many languages and cultures. Some of the earliest settlements date back to the 12th century B.C. The earliest of these, a port city named Lixus, appears to have been settled by both Berbers and Phoenicians. In the 1920s and 1930s, the Spanish and French control the whole of the nation, while the majority of its native inhabitants find their overlords alien. Investigators of the 1920s are quite likely to experience culture shock, unless they have traveled in such areas previously. The keeper should take advantage of this whenever possible. Exposing investigators to the sights, smells, sounds, and practices of human cities can be as adventurous as the exploration of unknown cities.

The best way to use this book is as a reference for scenarios or campaigns set in North Africa. Secrets of Morocco covers several sites, including Rabat, Casablanca, Marrakech, the Rif and Atlas mountains regions, and the Sahara.

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Playtesters: Deborah Jones, Patty McCown, David McCown, Leo Morang, Kevin Music, Jason Lindsey, Jackie Lindsey, Brook Babcock, Duncan Rae, Lee Moe, Brandon Fulco, Danielle Maynard, Kay Grimnes

Some material from this book is based upon the short fiction works "The Treachery of Stone" and "Harami," both by William Jones.

When the MULA format was first launched, it was billed as a "testing ground" for getting proposed works to an audience in a "raw" form, allowing the most popular monographs to be re-worked into into a release in Chaosium's main line of Call of Cthulhu supplements. This book represents the first instance of that plan bearing fruit, with a monograph's material successfully transitioning into the main range.


Spoilers - Keepers Eyes Only

Players should not read any further.

Source Material References

References to Mythos creatures, tomes, artifacts, and Lovecraftian locations that appear within this book's scenarios are described in the pages detailing these scenarios. There are, however, numerous such references made in the source sections (and thus not associated with a specific scenario). These references are detailed below.




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