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Publisher: Self-Published

Product Code/SKU: None

ISBN: None

Year: 2008

Designer(s): The Warp, Kristian G. Madsen

Artist(s): The Warp

Number of Players: 2 to 5 players

Estimated Playing Time: Not Stated

Recommended Ages: Not Stated

Expansions: None

Other Editions: None


From the rules:

The players represent mythos entities, who through endless Aeons vie for favour with the Old Ones, while the universe swivels and turns, and Great Cthulhu stirs in his slumber, until The Stars are Right!

The game is played over three Aeons, during which players collect tiles through a series of auctions. After each Aeon, favour points are tallied, the winner being the one with the most favour at the End.

Comments / Trivia

This game is modeled after the game Ra, although they are not officially connected.

Rathulhu is a print-and-play game, with the game made available in PDF format and printed by players, who must also provide any other required accessories (such as dice.)