Providence by Alan Moore

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This is a limited 12-part comic series, published monthly by Avatar Press starting in May 2015. The stories are written by Alan Moore with artwork by Jacen Burrows. Each issue explores a different aspect of Lovecraft's New England, in Providence and surrounding towns, typically inspired by an original Lovecraft story.

  • Issue 1 "The Yellow Sign" references a number of Lovecraft's stories, but is most closely inspired by "Cool Air"
  • Issue 2 "The Hook" reworks "The Horror at Red Hook"
  • Issue 3 "A Lurking Fear" is most inspired by "The Shadow Over Innsmouth"
  • Issue 4 "White Apes" reworks "The Dunwich Horror"
  • Issue 5 "In the Walls" uses elements from "The Dreams in the Witch House" and "The Colour out of Space"
  • Issue 6 "Out of Time"
  • Issue 7 "The Picture" reworks "Pickman's Model"
  • Issue 8 "The Key" largely draws on the "The Silver Key"
  • Issue 9 "Outsiders"
  • Issue 10 "The Haunted Palace"
  • Issue 11 "The Unnamable"
  • Issue 12 "The Book"

For more detailed annotations of each issue see Robert Derie and Joe Linton's "Facts in the Case of Alan Moore's Providence"