Petersen's Abominations

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Front Cover

Publisher: Chaosium

Product Code: 23152

Publishing Year: 2017

Page Count: 200

Cover Price: $39.95 (hardcover), $19.95 (PDF)

Editors: Sandy Petersen, Mike Mason

Authors: Sandy Petersen, Mike Mason

Artists: Victor Leza, Lee Simpson, M. Wayne Miller, Evgeny Maloshenkov, Grzegorz Pedrycz, Petr Stovik, Andrew Law

Setting: Modern

Format: Hardcover, PDF

ISBN: 978-156882-452-9



Front Cover Text

Petersen's Abominations. Five Epic Tales of Modern Horror.

Back Cover Text

Gathered from across the aeons, this anthology of horror brings together for the first time a series of scenarios from the mind of Sandy Petersen, the creator of the Call of Cthulhu Roleplaying Game. Each one-shot scenario is designed for one or more sessions of play. Within, you will find the following tales of mystery and horror:

  • Panacea—behind a miraculous cure for many ills hides a loathsome truth.
  • Hotel Hell—an inheritance conceals a hideous secret that may spell the end of the world.
  • Mohole—an experimental drilling project delves too deep and brings the attention of an ancient unspeakable horror.
  • The Derelict—a final journey brings a remarkable discovery and a hidden terror.
  • Voice on the Phone—a tale of two brothers set in the violentworld of gang culture.

Advice for getting the most out of the scenarios is provided, as well as suggestions for expanding the scope of the adventures. Each scenario comes with a set of ready to play pre-generated investigators. Get ready to enter the mind of the creator of Call of Cthulhu and enjoy the nightmare!

Comments / Trivia

  • The Derelict was originally offered and run as a stand-alone scenario for Free RPG Day 2016.
  • The Table of Contents and chapter heading give the 5th scenario's title as "Voice Over the Phone", whereas the scenario text and back cover refer to it as "Voice on the Phone".


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