Murders of the Dyatlov Pass (fiction)

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Anna Matveeva

Pass Dyatlova


Dedicated to nine

A speaker does not know, and knowing is not said.

From the author

The event, referred to in this book, true. More than forty years ago the mysterious deaths of nine tourists shocked Sverdlovsk, while outside the city, few knew about it. Military departments and Party leadership took everything under control. However, this tragedy has not ceased to preoccupy people. Surrounded by secrecy, and now it does not give rest to tourists and those who are far from tourism - relatives of the victims, journalists, soldiers, criminalists have expressed their versions of what happened.

In this book, I wanted to show the history of human eyes in 1959, facing the tragedy of the year 2000 - m. Before me there was no purpose to reveal a terrible secret Dead Mountains - the goal is to you, dear reader, and I just tried to do everything to facilitate that task.

Documents cited in the book are reproduced in the original, sometimes with minor cuts. Modern heroes - fabricated, although there are some prototypes.

People who have personal experience of searching, communicating with the memory of the dead, and their own versions of the documents, bring profound gratitude - their dedication to the friendship and the search for justice shocking - as well as an apology in the event that our views diverge.

For readers who are interested only documented information in the book, ran a special route: Avoid the main font.

Part One


In my apartment very cold.

On the domestic thermometer - plus eleven. Imagination is not thick enough bear skins and break even-handed nepropechennye bone near the fire, the flames traveled to glare shiver bearded persons.

Late November, the annual battle for warming started. Until March will raise kicks in a cold morning practice. Côte softly on the window sill and zaprygivaet sees something he apparently-managed one at the window where the air and black kapustny crunching snow.

I do not struggle with cold in my apartment as a reason: there is no point. I would say that we have a mayor-voryuga and cold to me now because it podletsu warmly. I can tell that we are building houses as a strange, but my house altogether new, it only five godkov.

Spasayus artificial warmth of the heater, untold got tea and waiting spring.

I would do everything, just recently, increasingly show me how movie, the same dream. Or this is not a dream, and any thoughts the morning immediately after sleep, which is difficult to distinguish from him ... I see, I clearly and distinctly dense high snowdrifts, black spruce and lean curves Birches were dismissed. Where did something to me flies in the penultimate year of this millennium, whistling fatal, kills the wind and how it is quiet second part - Heavy breathing freezing rights. Snowy chips on red face. Nesgibayuschiesya palms. Closed eyes. Swist wind ...

I am checking the evening, whether well-locked door. At such times, live, which bars and grates - best friends. I quietly dergayu outside door handle, and then - just - look in the eye. "

They face people - but quietly, not shevelyas. A small piece of glass "eye" distorts their faces, but I still see that they are smiling. Two girls and a few men. All in the ski trousers and an old tarpaulins.

-- You to whom? -- ask.

They are silent, and eyes fixed their strange.

I notice skiing, pristavlennye the wall.

Where these people suffered - in the ski trip for such weather? Abnormal.

Côte murchit and low-flying butterflies hovering near my feet. At the venue - empty.

Revealing the door.

Heard polite smell smoke, and snow lies in polshage on my rug.


In the morning, the door started patient with such force that decided to score its nails. I was inside. Ele uspev qualified for hours - polvosmogo, gady! -- I vyprygnula of warm odeyalnogo asylum and ran into the hall.

-- Anya, opening up quick!

This I heard even when it was approaching the door, with the addition: weeping, shouting, and other elements of collective panic, which undoes the initial anger nachisto razbuzhennogo rights.

At the site where the skiers were yesterday, there was my neighbour Ira and with it any more people.

-- Anya, I urgently call - Emil S. died.

Ira vshlipnula and talking faster. From this story, I quickly realized not all - Ira and so conversation in a hurry, and now does.

So far, she called on my phone in the ambulance, police and funeral bureau, I got to the ladder and cage, probravshis soboleznuyuschimi spins between neighbors, Irina came to the apartment.

Her father-in-law Emil S. lying on the floor, pulling it out in straight legs prodrannyh mules on the fingers.

-- Heart - said someone quiet for my back.

To that Emil S. sick is not the first year, I knew. It was altogether a good grandfather, and not very old, as I understand it, went into retirement four years ago. Very loved to read and I have always borrowed books. I gave them willingly, against the habit, in general, do not like it when things to my dotragivayutsya unfamiliar hands. Emil S. was very neat and return books invariably wrapped in a "Literaturku." This podkupalo.

Deceased old man appeared slender and even beautiful - is not what was in life.

Ira Cotton closed the door.

-- An you what, you open it flat!

And, again saw Emile S.:

-- Oh, that the same will now be something?

Irina distress could understand. Father-in-law was the sole support for her and her small son. We lived on his pension and prirabotok, indeed I did not know.

-- Well, nothing - Vava Ira tears - but he died easily.

"What for?" - I thought.

I ongoing aloud:

-- Ira, I am very, very sorry. I can once you help?

Ira said thanks, but no. Yes, and what's now help?

At the exit, I looked back neighbour in the eye.

-- I realize that this is inappropriate, but ... you did not see last night a group of skiers on our site?

Ira silently shook his head and went back to their grief, as in the deep hole.

At the funeral Emil S., I do not hit - urgently raised in Moscow. The focus was on my book, so I skip the meeting could not. In the plane flew over the snow-covered land and presented as lower Emile in a tomb at the Broad River. Next - a monument son Irinomu husband, who was killed on the streets of drunken teenagers. At the snow near the stairwell - spruce twigs.

And when I returned four days later - After everything, because the meeting was unproductive and totally Wing, the novel is publishing in general did not want to take (and could call, dogs, alerting), Iry in the neighboring apartment was not.

-- He left to the mother, in Serov, together with malchishkom - explained Nadezhda G. ninety-fifth of the apartments. -- She said that the apartment that will sit. I do not know, An, who will come here to live - not as afraid, and so they left the furniture and carpet ...

Cover and furniture from Iry simply no, but Hope G. lives worse, and it did not compare with what.

I have Iry cold in the apartment in the same way as I have. But in fact it from someone else and the child!

I turned away from Hope Georgievny to finally open its door, but the old woman said:

-- Anya, go-ka me.

Directly with bags and road dust - but polite! -- obsharpannuyu came in the ninety-fifth. Senile terrible smell - along drugs, old leather, a poor, nesytnaya food, wool socks, which went more than one day.

Hope G. Guba have nonetheless dyed.

Extended a dense folder nabituyu pleadings, and two large voids envelope carton coloured prorvannyh on edge.

-- This Hyrka told you transmit. Emil S. sitting with all these piece of paper and said that he needed to consult with Anna - because she writer, but hesitate. And now, Hyrka said, the only paper to ditch, and you - suddenly sgodyatsya.


I came in the final vystuzhennuyu apartment. Kotishka with terrible speed flew me to meet so that the claws zaskolzili on parquet.

-- Kormit you do not forget, Schumi? -- I threw folders and envelopes Emile chair and went into the kitchen to put kettle.

For razdalsya cotton backs and long rustle. Schumacher vsprygnul back chairs, pushing panic ears.

Papers from folders and envelopes covered with a flat floor carpet. The paper, printed on the old machines like "Moscow", a paper written by carbon different handwriting, photocopies of some strange drawings and maps, newspaper clippings, otkserennye so that the middle of the white sheet embarrassing languish tiny tip, photographs coarse quality and thick file pages two hundred (she is so fond upset about sex).

I raised it. Pale gray seal - even a photocopy. I obviously incomplete - many pages is missing. After the eighth immediately twenty-fifth.


criminal cancelled

On the death of tourists

in the area of Mount Otorten

started in 1959

completed in 1959

I guess (and perhaps aptly) uncovered a folder.

The circumstances of the case:

January 23, 1959 amateur group of tourists, comprising 10 people went to the ski trip on the route Ivdel - Mount Otorten. 2 from the site - in the North and the ski trip went 9. 1-th February 1959 Group began its ascent to Mount Otorten evening and broke tent at the height of 1079.

On the night of 2 - e in February unclear circumstances of the deaths occurred 9 - ty people.

Another was in the picture skiers who were standing in front of my door last Friday. Two girls kruglolitsye - brunettes and blond, cheerful guy in the hat, another with eyes eyes (those like me) ... But it took forty years! And even if one assumes that, I came down from the mind and every mereschitsya me, it was not what he, the spirit of me have! I am not a tourist, and not even a fan of nature - I never had to live in a tent, and most importantly, I entire thirty years, I did not know anyone from these tourists. Could Know!

Again (now with the start of) a copy of a criminal case was opened and began to read all the rules:

The Prosecutor's Office

Russian Soviet

Federative Socialist


Prosecutor of the Sverdlovsk region

State Adviser Justice 3 - Grade

tion. Klinovu N.


Vozvraschaju terminated a criminal case of the death of Dyatlova tourists and others.

Annex: 1. Case 1 in volume.

2. Albom.


Zam. Attorney RSFSR

The state adviser of justice

3rd Class


There was an inscription from the same hands, spit, as a proud writers usually sign their books:

t. Rogovoy YI

At the direction of the NI Klinova please keep in a secret archive,

package store in the village / s production.

11/VII 59 d.

Still, I decided to drink tea. Eventually, these strange folders and paper from me is not lost. Moreover, I just had to think about what is this strange phenomena such occur with me. Previously helped to think of cigarettes, and now - finally threw smoke, so stayed only tea.

And then very unusual thing to happen. In my head started spinning six figures. As the song: eight - five - one - four - nine - two. I am already tired to think these figures, they are circling in the head: eight - five - one - four - nine - two.

The figures were quite different - no not recur in combination.



Mystical mystery?

It is time to be treated? ..

Phone rang.


I took the tube - wrong number. Evgenia Ivanovna asked.

Then I thought: eight - this is recreation, there can be no such numbers ...

Won anyway, and joyous infantile voice answered:

-- Congratulations, you are the first to Supernatural Radio La-flat "!

-- First - mechanically, I corrected. -- And what now? Why am I up to you dozvonilas? ..

-- You won in our competition and must now accessible for the staggering prize!

Here in the tube something zashipelo, wild cries were heard.

-- I am somehow not want to participate in your contest.

Infantile voice laughed with apparent distrust.

-- Record address!

I humbly took a pen. Refleksiruyuschy intellectual, the very opposite.


When I do not write a long time, I have developed the strongest verbal toxaemia. Slow prokisayut inside me, like untapped in the breast-milk feed. I am sick and start to wander successful, I think, expressions. Toxaemia disappears immediately after I get access to a computer, notebook, at the worst end - to someone whose ears (though in that case the world literature nedoschitaetsya my findings, I lose interest in what is discussed). Now toxaemia promised to take - little of what Moscow is not all alike, and even at home now: hallucinations, strange instruments, and now some prize stupid!

Well, at least this radio station broadcasting from the neighboring streets - maybe not bad walk, while cold - dog .... Schumacher clearly predicted skvernuyu weather - fluffy krendelem seized on the couch and hid in the nose feet.

Sometimes I regret not born cat. You can sleep sixty percent of life, and in their spare time insane.

By the way, people who do not like cats, if not always bad, then, at least, not those with whom face talk. This, I checked on personal experience. But from the remarkable men always have a cat or a cat. Also tested.

I potrepala Schumacher grivke and went on to dress.

Outdoor was warmer than in my apartment. Nonetheless, cold air willingly climbed into my sleeves and under the collar, and the frozen snow hit in the face, as if small cocrowbar metro.

Cold, I did not have time.

-- On the radio "La bekar". Won a prize - I briefly reported sedobrovomu guard, dealing with curiosity pokrasnevshy my nose.

-- Female - mildly guard me, "- the radio called" La flat. " Bekar - a different matter, that means an increase of fännidele abolished.

Stressed me something to krohotulnoy bumazhechke komsomolski and pointed to the elevator.

-- Do not forget to sign the badge!

Lift drove me, skrezhescha bars and podvyvaya mechanisms. The building was very old and under to become elevator, with inscriptions in both languages - Russian and German, probably, the Germans captured so fun. Lift will be in German - "ezdyaschy chair".

Why is the "chair" if it worth? ..

White door, which were densely bloom caudal vote has been closed to the special security lock. Naturally, I did not know about the code - I told him no. I sighed and pulled the handle. Silence.

-- They have lunch - said someone very quietly and застенчиво. Right at some prewar stool sat slender girl similar to the clever Fox.

-- Light - she explained. -- I was called to receive a prize, although I simply mistaken number. Call not to them, but Mom. I otpinyvalas, but it is all such nastyrnye!

-- For me the same story. -- Light watched carefully, and I spohvatilas:

-- Anya. I write books.

Light smiled and became more like a Fox.

-- I just looked for a writer to ...

Tut zasmuschalas it, and I saw it as if thinking: "because I really do not know!"

-- What do you have? -- politely, I switched. The light was from those who just want to say 'you'. Such people are few. Basically, I found their opposites who insist on a more informal treatment. And it gives me hard - it is with them. I have a very long sryvayus to "you", and contrast feeling unloved.

-- I am. -- she said. -- At istfake. But mainly my life is not there. I am fond of tourism.

We had to make a difficult person. I was afraid of life tourists. First, I do not understand where they are taking so much effort to go under the load of heavy backpacks at the unimaginable distances, secondly, I do not know why they wanted: a much nicer lie under the blanket with the carnet, a cat and a bottle of red dry. Most importantly, I feel badly as a razor on the finger that tourists will not understand me, too, with my lazy way of life. Will pereglyadyvatsya and spirit.

Because my father - superturist, head of the expedition, hunter and fisherman with decades of experience. And so, he took me in childhood with them to the forest. I humbly took place two hundred meters and then sat in the grass and shouting:

-- Home! Shit!

Why treated recently, it was not, but my mom said that the word is not taught me. Pope terribly offended.

I am usazhivali at penek book and gave the Assumption of guaranteeing men. I have once tolerated.

After three such trips, Pope washed your hands and refused to communicate with me forest. That's urbanoidom I grew up.

Now narvalas at present tourists, but it is still looking for a writer ...

-- A light, and why you a writer? -- I moved into conversation again, and already the tank.

Light cast, corrected shooting and said:

-- Forty years ago in the northern Urals died tourist group. Dyatlova Group. Nine persons.

Tut door with a coded lock opened, and we saw in the opening smile.

-- Hello, hello! -- said smiling. The door opened wider, and there right in front of us a high figure uniseksualnogo warehouse. Light also smiled once exposed, and the figure (I honestly could not determine its sex) deployed in the Cabinet and pathetically exclaimed:

-- Gains our awardees!

Radiytsy zashumeli and Light quietly told me:

-- Apparently, they very much no one ringing. It was good that we responded, and then once a pity them. Still, I believe that working people.

We solemnly held in a room and figure (I said it lighter, almost beautiful belts and ears that are similar to the red smorschennostyu segments dried apples - probably, a figure slightly molodilas) plesnula two generous portions of a glass of cognac.

-- I am behind the wheel, sorry - softly said Light.

-- Ou! -- pleased with the figure and fired drank brandy. I drink prigubila: still hoping to work today.

Then we taught two plastic bag with the logo "La bemolya." In my proved kepochka, pens and two CD-ROM with terrible erysipelas on the covers. What was with Amy, I do not know, but it showed his pleasure in every way.

-- Thank you very much! -- sincerely thanked us, moving towards the door. Figure shouted after us:

-- We hope that you will become our regular listeners!

-- We have not signed the same badge! -- remember Light already on the stairs. -- It is necessary to return, so uncomfortable once.

-- Let's try to break so. -- I strongly moved to a friend a lift.

The guard smiled broadly:

-- Ilya Petrovich warned that you are now exit. He said that you have forgotten to sign passes ...

-- Ilya Petrovich, perhaps, is what the strange figure - I said.

Light surprised:

-- I thought: it - a woman.

We laughed, and I thought that we were familiar with it long ago. Although, frankly, I did not make friends with women: I had a life in case of selective maiden fidelity. Podruga beautifully, as in chess etude Nezhmetdinova Rashid, took my husband. I only had time to cry out following: e-two, e-four, and that more resembled a shriek: tvoju mother! After that I zavyazala and one sex, and others. Schumacher - my only friend and ally.

Light prigotovilas say anything-polite gesture, I read that it was nice to lichike Fox. Apparently changed because uslyshalos completely different:

-- Sadis, I lift you.

I sat in the green "G" and Light neatly left on the street.

After two minutes we were at my house.

-- Zaydesh? -- I asked hesitantly: it is also frightening stranger rights - and immediately to their homes. My ex-husband would be killed just for that. Fine kills his now-my girlfriend, earned.

-- Yes - said Sveta - pick. Suddenly you and the truth is the man who I want. Who will write the truth. All have been.


As I opened the door key under the tender fantastic murkane Schumacher, a neighbouring apartment door, and at the site of a clumsily Hope Georgievna. She smiled, and it became evident red lipstick on the teeth, which attached the old sinister look.

-- The city goes rotovirusnaya terrible disease - instead greetings G. Hope said. All the terrible news immediately raised her spirits, especially peak which can be achieved by sharing information with others. -- Intestinal flu! Beware, girls! In clinics city received four million people.

From her apartment sounded muted echo of television.

-- Thanks, that warned - I said, and Light also nodded in appreciation.

Light did not say a word about my apartment vystuzhayuschy cold and Schumacher immediately Hosfeld its hands on until I brewed coffee. Turned and replied. Schumacher - fine psychologist, so I finally consciousness. The light can be trusted, it would not tefalyu beat me on the head, and then trudge to the apartment in search of non-existent wealth. My styly corpse in the dark spots and neck until zadrannoy skirts not show in the evening news, which I love to watch.

-- Good! -- I said aloud.

Light looked at me in surprise.

-- Messaging - beginning, I - you can not get it that dream and reality do not differ from one another? As if dreams come alive or real events like a dream?

Light silent. Gladila Schumacher on the backrest.

-- For more than a week, I dream the same dream. I can no pereskazat him, because the talk ... well, almost nor with whom I, frankly, and not communicate.

-- What is a dream? -- quickly asked Light.

-- northern cold night in January or February. Sickly birch, black trees, low mountains and wide. Stone piles such, I do not remember, as they are called ...

-- Ostantsy - said Light.

-- Exactly! Then - tent set the mountainside. Cedar - high and powerful.

-- A people? People there, in your dreams?

-- Several people. They crawl on the prickly snowdrifts, their beats wind and snow. People breathe hard, but trying to move on. Then they died, and then I wake up.

Light said:

-- Or do you mean, and someone told you everything, or is it a miracle!

I am offended. Already by whom, but I do not vruney was.

-- No excuse, please - asked Light - is your dream remarkably like what was in reality. I started to tell you more on the radio - remember the dead dyatlovtsy? Maybe, just someone very wants you saw, it is this dream?

We pritihli, and at that time Schumacher grabbed claws Svete in the palm. She kissed and pressed his hand to her lips.

-- Schumi! -- I was in rabies. Kotishka meantime, the bird flew already sill, and began to wear on the back and forth: Hope G. withdrew its bolonku walk, and Schumacher is felt.

-- Hunter unfinished - I looked at the Sveti forgiven, but it has somehow avoided my glance.

I took in the locker zelenku and came closer.

-- Ann, what do you think of his pro dream?

I made ODw hand to the heart, but then traced Svetin view: she saw documents Emile!

-- I did not have to tell!

Light watched distrust.

-- Following these dreams to happen with me and did an incredible story. They came to my house. But skiers. They looked at me, and then there was snow on the court.

Light already viewed as something alarming.

-- I realize that this sounds abnormal, but they want something from me. And on another morning, as they came, my neighbor died Emil S..

-- Emil S. Katz? -- peresprosila Light.

-- Yes, and you knew it?

-- He studied one course with Igor Dyatlovym. Tried to investigate the reasons for their own deaths. Zagremel in prison - perhaps that why. All thought he hobby with the case.

-- His невестка gave me the documents. She said that he spent with them at all times. And there were pictures, and I learned those skiers. Then this meeting with you ...

-- You do not specifically come to the station? -- Light asked suspiciously.

-- How can I know that you oshibeshsya number? -- I have already tired of excuses.

-- You can look at the documents? -- asked Light.

-- Of course.

She took it as a pilot, began load pages Fugitive fingers, as if the paper has played harp.

-- He had interesting things. If you give me this copy paper, I will give you what nazbierałaś itself. Already ten years, I collect - for crumbs - all that is connected with dyatlovskim affair. Documents. Testimony search engines. Memoirs parents. Photo Archives. During those ten years, I have become closer dyatlovtsy most expensive home, and I know about each vse.Ya do not know only one thing: what did happen on a mountain pass-Syahyl Holat,

(Otorten? - vaguely curved me, but I Jugha.)

at the pass, which now bears the name of Igor Dyatlova and his team? .. The more time passes, the greater is born versions. Check the person who will write a book about it - maybe there reader, which opens truth. If you, Anya, to speak the truth - but for some reason, I think, that you did not mean - mean ... this person - you.

-- I am now a general working on the novel of the school of love ... -- guilty, I said. How to explain Swete that is a novel, I spent two months in the teaching of literature in high school nearby to my own home school? I heroes of this novel are stuck in stationary in posture as I left them at nedopisannom before the end of a piece of paper ... -- Maybe later? I find it interesting, but now I can not.

Light smiled.

-- The children waited forty years, I - ten. Do not tolerate another six months? Write a novel, then for our primeshsya.

-- Nash? -- jealously I asked. -- that we will write together?

-- No, of course - she still smiled.

-- How do I know that the whole story - not a dream? -- I asked.

Light razodrannuyu Schumacher showed me his hand.

The next day brought me Light red cloth bag with the inscription Marlboro, which rested on plastic and paper folders in cardboard boxes with photographs and other images in black proyavochnyh "envelopes, small note pads, video and audio tapes.

-- The main thing is not violating the order. In each envelope are placed as needed. Nachinaj to study quietly.

Light went (at the half-year, I thought), and I breathed a sigh relief, put a bag in the hallway, putting there Emile paper, and the village is finally over naskuchavshiysya my fingers on the computer.

Schumacher formed near the monitor and immediately replied, solicitor quiet rustle keys.


Long and hard, I looked in the tender Blue glad monitor, typing the same words that much… me from the inside. Three pages horses easily, as if they dictated to me. Clearly, clearly, as the children are in school.

I raised a hand up to a little rest, and looked out the window. Then - again on the screen. Something attracted my attention, and I came back to the first pages of written today.

Reread, as usual, with disgust to itself.

Poor, a little better, almost good ... Stop, and this is from where?

The text has reached a certain Igor - strong, with the eyes and the eyes Wide-mouthed. Igor, it was written, "looked at it carefully, as if waiting for something."

I looked at dryhnuschego without rear paw Schumacher and then again on the monitor.

Honest to God, no, I do not Igor puzzles, in my story, and so has nothing to breathe a huge number of characters!

Tried to write on, but forgot about it is a strange occurrence. Just allocated this piece and click delete. He made five more pages, молодец, and now you can drink tea.

At the kitchen went along with Schumacher, he tersya beautiful vosmerkami around my legs, as if to infinity raspisyvalsya their hunger. We had to give loyal bridesmaid piece of boiled meat, which I had planned to eat for dinner.

Will be considerably!

With a mug of tea in his hand, now without Schumacher (he ran with the donation of meat on the kitchen, making it simple wall applications, and then their legs and skoryabyval podbrasyval up like Michael Jordan in the best years), I returned to a computer monitor which floated beautifully colored fish.

Enter a new piece and reread. The heroine was finally handed to merge with the hero in the vicious and painful passion.

Instead, I read a paragraph about certain detailed Zine and People. "Zina - mentioned in the snippet - fairly large bolshuschimi brunettes with brown eyes and thin people, similar to the clever Fox."

Comparison really was my, but for the rest I had nothing to do with!

I pripala to the computer and whatever ponyuhala it.

Odor was absolutely calm, my email friend and did not think overheated.

"Same peregrelas…" - sad, I thought.

If still left with the mind, read to the end ... I passed on the previous text: it is so, a piece of Igor was again at the same place ...

I read further. Zina People and strong, athletic, well-developed girls. Student UPI. Ural Polytechnic, which is now the Ural State Technical University. Zina and Kolmogorov People Dubinin.

Here in the small gap, and just below the left:


As if from the one who wrote the text, most ended forces, and he stopped abruptly, barely uspev say is most important. Printer quietly sighed, and lit a green light, slowly, as if the delicate sewing machine, began to print the last page. The text that I wrote is not, the machine had allocated italics.

I have certainly realized, what's wrong. Closed the file on all the rules and went to the corridor, the red bag of rlbor Ma. In it, and demonstrating razvalivshis fluffy ispod, Elder Schumacher. I carefully took him into custody in the stomach and perelozhila chair. He is not even eye razzhmuril, continued to sleep. I opened the plastic bag and lightning at the beginning of the paper to read all row directly in the corridor, sitting on the mat.


Very soon I began clearing circumstances incident, which happened forty years ago. Untold numbers were presented in writing and orally (by record) their opinions, facts, memories, the bag was generally kup newspapers and photocopies, and even two books. The first was old and was called "Higher categories of difficulties", the second, visibly younger, has been named "Price gostayny - nine lives." I have read both for the two and a half hours.

"Higher categories difficulties" was the novel - and talked about the appearance: blue cover with the fire and mountains. Author: J. Yarovoy. A former journalist "Nasmenki." Novel was quite boring, but from the first page, it became clear why it was written. History did not give the author dyatlovtsev rest. And he paraphrase it, it was at that time: encrypting your names, place names and the event itself beyond recognition.

Gleb Sosnowski, the protagonist - well Igor Dyatlov. U Yarovogo only he died in the terrible snowmobile, the others managed to escape in an abandoned hut geologists.

Kolomiytseva = Kolmogorov, Vasenina = Dubinin, Postyr = Zolotarev, I have become familiar to differentiate characters in other people's images.

Another book, most brand new in appearance, and even with the smell of typeface serenkih pages look not so romantic. Author named Gushchin. It appears that the journalist. Book it was a very wise compiled newsprint article, which detailed the events of four decades ago, and that was after. Mr. Gushchin introduced several versions of the deaths of the boys, one of them looked quite convincing.

In the book were also illustrate the coarse quality, but I can already discern some people even in this picture ...

Along with bags and I plyuhnulas Schumacher on the sofa and took in the hands of a notebook.

So that I know ... I started to write fast handwriting, reducing words to me only known ways.

In late January 1959, that is, six years after Stalin's death and fourteen after the Second World War, a group of students from UPI went to the regular ski trip when the highest category of difficulty.

Indeed students in a group were five - Dyatlov, Kolevatov, Slobodin and girls. Yuri Doroshenko, George and Nicholas Theobald Krivonischenko-Brinol were already graduates, ie engineers, and the most senior party general Alexander Zolotaryov Kourovskoy worked as an instructor at the hostel.

(Notably, in the first trip went ten people, but Yuri Yudina radiculitis happened, and so he went home from 2 - First Northern village.)

I wrote his name in large, and even then shaped eyes.

At first all went according to plan. Igor Dyatlova Panel (the same, with eyes eyes) left the train at Sverdlovsk in Serov, then - in Ivdel, then in Vizhay, and finally, in the person of City cart away their belongings into 2 - North and the village, the boys themselves were on foot .. . There, in the settlement, they finally embarked on skis and went on the trip to his Otortenu, grief at the North Urals, which was the main objective of the route.

On the night of 1 to February 2, 1959 decided to establish a tent Dyatlov the mountainside with trudnoproiznosimym name Holat-Syahyl (translated means "Gore Dead"). The team is situated for the night.

Next - only speculation, the search, fear and complete unknown.

A long time in Sverdlovsk waited reports that the group returned to Dyatlova Vizhay. Not waiting. Started searches. And after twenty-five days after the incident on the slope of Mt tent found dead, cut with a knife, and in the distance - the dead body. Two were lying under a huge cedar, three froze as if on the way from cedar to the tent. From tents - traces of human conversation, but near the cedar - "traces of human activity", ie, fireplace.

Traces of violent death was not initially detected.

That record I made in my first notebook. Then drew on nine pages of horizontal strips, and the top nine wrote me already familiar names. Now you can be personal files. But it is tomorrow, and while I took a shower and lay in bed, swooped with another cardboard folder, this time from emilevskih. Another inscription: Case ... quick.

Nothing podshito there has been - in a folder lying thin notebook with a color cover: almost green, no longer white, pink barely ... These were diaries tourist groups and plans hikes. 1955-1957 years, the trip to the Caucasus, the southern Urals, Chortovo (these were the requirements pravopisatelnye) hillfort ... Attendance groups, in a specially written razlinovannoy table changed, but the names of the two met me everywhere: I. Dyatlov (mostly mentioned as a superior group), and Z. Kolmogorov (nurse, Building Superintendent). Twice met Tibo and surname (the non Brinol).

Schumacher podpolz me on the belly, smelt unfamiliar smell of old ink (both smelled of mother otlichnichih notebooks, which have shaken before my grandmother "troechnym" nose).

I embraced cat, and we started to read together.

8. Diary

10/II - 57 d.

The last day of the session. Some even sit exams, while others are engaged in skiing, store film, podgonyayut equipment. After all, today we suffer night train to distant edge!

Tout Record interrupted something stopped author. Actually, I managed to get an indication hikes tourists usually take turns diaries, and did so without much hunting. Immediately visible female letter - not only weak pencil pressure, it gives itself, but also detailed descriptions, quotes from the dialogues, "he said, it looked", and so on ... Men spend pity popustu words: they are mostly reluctant reported at a point where the team is, what are the weather conditions and the attractiveness of the surrounding landscape.

In anticipation of electric danced, sang, jumped, ate candy. Tips from one working in the apartment, witnessed an alcoholic grief and joy rights. Do Sverdlovsk drove in two bullying, the entire trip was accompanied by various adventures, interesting accidents, such as from Volodya polomalos binding, pending before repairing, girls composed motive for vagrants: "The accident-a-a-a ..."

Similarly, had the song from the Indian film with Raj Kapurom "Tramp." The song was called "Abaraya." Mama told me even some chastushki those years:

Raj Kapoor, Raj Kapoor,

Look at these new procedures:

Even my grandmother

Both sings "Abaraya."

And this record, about the accident - apparently the women's hands.

Another notebook - detailed itinerary for days, the goals and objectives hike (apparently required sports), the detailed lists of equipment. Tut same - kartoshemy ways and drawings, as far as I can understand some stoves, estimates "in the column" and ink drawn. Who painted them? Maybe Dyatlov? ..

All this took place two years before the terrible loss of his team…

He opened the overall notebook in kleenchatoy cover. Pencil inscription at the turn:

Diary of a hike on the Caucasus

(- 1957)

First, the girls delight in the detail raspisyvayut road and train their expectations of a hike. Then there razmashisty handwriting:

26 1957 g.

Strange weather, however, may be normal for these places: the unbearable heat during the day, a rather cold night. Steppe, endless steppe. Historical places fighting in the Second World War. At one polustankov - a monument to the fallen-gun artillery.

Soon Stalingrad. There are recalls last war. Preserved craters from shells sister monuments, graves. Big beautiful station built in heroic style. At the entrance - sculptures of soldiers, sailors - the defenders of Stalingrad. That's Volga. The train passes in the side of the river, only occasionally showing her sky blue surface. Volga-Don canal navigable Lenin. At the entrance - a huge sculpture of Stalin. The train goes along the canal. Several whites, new towns, apparently their residents - working channel. A range of dry steppe. The railway, probably, the most fertile, udobrennoe place, and along with her success growing pumpkins, watermelons, so much so, ripe. And so without end. Specific not impressed. Zarnitsi bright flare, as they are seen on hundreds of kilometres.

Dyatlov I.

Caucasian diary was the detailed, but I razmashistyh records Dyatlova more it is not met, probably as Chief, he had the right to get off of this work. But it willingly, and many other participants hike write:

Vstali question, or not keep anyone here storozhit things. Kohl, and Slavka, and Paschke strenuously nasedali Igor, saying that all stolen, not to leave anyone. Igor firmly said no initially, but after the second offensive guys, he got up and, like Napoleon, thought long and calmly made: "Will Kohl and you, Eugene." For me it was a surprise because I did not izyavlyal desire to stay and wanted to return.

Immediately behind these notes followed by a long, detailed record of 7 pages, made understandable, clear handwriting. I immediately drew attention to it, and then saw that the handwriting is fairly common in this diary and the owner of (no doubt, "owner of") tells about his impressions with pleasure, she liked to write.

1 1957 year


Yes, indeed, a good day.

In various parts of the Soviet Union run on that day, who for the first time with her parents and who has not the first time that the school, how many meetings, joy, handshakes, Dates, vzvizgivany and meeting with other things happening 1 - September. Maybe today, and we in UPI, a few thousand km away from the sports club met our friends hiking and share their impressions of years held someone at the Refugee Sayan, someone in the Urals, but all happy and jolly, fleeing to sports. True, there should be little, in practice many, many, and hikes.

Hello! On that day, everyone, old and young, everyone remembers about him. How about him not remember! Here we have, 12 people marching on Chegemskomu Valley and unwittingly reminded that today 1 - September e!

Lubberly, but sincerely, with the soul. I perelistnula few pages and read the last paragraph of this listing:

... Krug mountains, the mountains, snow peaks, then ascend higher and higher, and the forest meets beautiful flowers, occasionally raspberries, cranberries in the woods, but moved another creek and stopped at the breather. The place is very, very beautiful, island, the terms of the water and mountains, the weather became Otherwise, the rain comes. It is already burning fire, and our tourist preparing dinner, and so every day - all new and opens a new, mountains and velichavy so great that people think of them giant, though at the same time, he omnipotent. Maybe even forgot anything, but still had enough for today.

With regards Zkolm ...

Ta that wrote these lines - sublime and pure soul - Zina Kolmogorov? Zinochka, beautiful even at current notions of brunettes, in two years, along with other dyatlovtsami tragically killed. In the meantime, they go to the Caucasus, captivated unfamiliar nature and carefully recorded seen in the collective diary ...

Male stranger tries handwriting:

Forest on the right bank Chegema, and the first breather. We find ourselves in this Ural woods: pine forests, birch, willow sometimes. Of the berries - cranberries, blueberries, strawberries. Zina won hands full of mushrooms and on the move trying to rastalkivat in their pockets backpacks guys.

And the girl wrote:

As soon as someone raises a voice of us, irritable or too rapidly responds to the environment, to immediately attributed mountain sickness. Today it is very much evident from Igor. The previous halt it for so long journey for Lily because of the iodine that Lilja regretted that it did not have any means of treatment (such as: drops, ointments, pills, etc.) of mountain sickness.

I have already read and absorbed everything. The Caucasian group acted professionally and were strictly on the route. Give time to laugh and joke.

Especially komichnoy was crossing Zine, which vzgromozdilas on his back Kole and thus, with grimaces on the face, the friendly laughter comrades moved to the other coast. Poor Kolya! It took some work of its own weight 64 kg + yes even the same weight Zine - totalling 128 kg. Hard!

Now dining breather. All is well, except that a duty prigorelo cocoa, which found Igor stack in a big pine hollow at the place of our breather. Pass, we have not gone, and only reached him. We were walking without great adventure, "in the mountains, on the share." Place for lodging chosen fairly well. There is a lot of firewood, which brings climbers here. Now Volodya (duty) blowing in the power and strength of their lungs, contributing to this combustion of firewood. No water is heated by something very slowly, and when tender, and most were unknown.

Towards the end notebook we came Schumi Zinochkinu to another record, I know it is already a diligent otlichnitsy handwriting. Text struck me. Maybe Zina also something predchuvstvovala:

I must say that there is not hot, and we are going to pass. If the pass-Donguz Orunbashi Pass can be called "horse bones, and generally ishachih goad, the Bass Pass Pass can be called" human bones, but unknown, German or Russian, that is, bourgeois or Soviet. At the pass is rather dull twisting trail, and, in general, an easy pass. Widely him with the pass-Azau Chiper, some regretted that did not go through it, but most do, sing songs about the valley and the sea. At the overnight halt on a level site, and the tomb is colliculus, and probably least, who will pass through the 2, museum of the grave. Now all gone for firewood, and I need to go.

I was not alone. Gently closed in the last tutu diary and put it on the floor. Schumacher himself to the chest and fell.


Awakened morning, I found next to their beds, two pairs of slippers. No, with me no one other than a cat, not sleeping, and I have legs only two rather than four ... Short thinking, I remembered that I pomereschilsya night call to the door, I ran back and returned to open in the other mules.

"Schizophrenia progression" - sad, I thought. And then the real razdalsya call: phone. He was not lucky, I took him for his phantom, fiction definitively raspoyasavshegosya my imagination.

After a brief series of silent phone, and then again erupted opposing calls.

-- Hello - I said, got his lips in a black plastic material.

-- You know me so easy to imagine your dream ...

With such a prank tirade conversation can begin only one person (from the well-known to me, of course). Wadyka. My former husband.

-- Vadik what sleep do you mean? How did you know what I dreaming?

-- A further writer - Vadik upset - I read it for your say ... How did you lie, and rolled in the shape of a kalach ...

-- Shut up, please poshlyak - said, I sincerely.

Wadyka delighted energy in my voice.

-- Discover the door, a girl, I have you under the windows. We should talk.

-- Speak now on the phone.

-- Money dropped, at the hundredth part, I make a call.

Money dropped!

I otkinula blanket and angrily went to the door. Schumacher ran a trace behind me and upset that I have not went to the refrigerator.

Vadim has stood on the ladder platform. Huda, long apology. With fake smile and mimosa in hand. Lord, which he dug out her, boleznuyu?

I took iron and mimosa yellow fluffy branches. Schumacher looked at me disapprovingly.

-- Neat, Hakkinen! -- Vadik said excitedly, and Schumi markedly from the mouth of his stupidity. Vadim tried kotishku stroke, but he immediately fled to the kitchen.

I poplelas next to him, razmahivaya mimosa, as a broom.

Vadim joined us.

-- Imagine, Maschka threw me!

Maschka - through the girlfriend, which increased Wadyka a year and a half ago, and all this time, to my calculations, should have been resting on their laurels. Or rather, in the conjugal bed with more than ostyvshim after my weasel Wadyka.

"Well, although the apartment is not taken away" - neromantichno me thinking.

-- quit? -- I voiced my thoughts. -- How is mad passion, passed in the flat warm feeling?

Wadyka bright red because it is these words treated me a year ago.

-- Everything went, and now Maschka shalit with Natashkinym Grishey.

I won at this time in our mouths water - loosely, because zahohotav, podavilas.

-- It just need someone else's - hard-seriously Vadik said.

-- Finally.

-- What finally makes it? -- did not understand the ex-husband.

-- Finally, before you came!

-- Anya - sad Vadik asked - no ulcer. I, and so painful.

-- it is painful, it must be the same. And what should I do? -- I filled pannikin Schumi fresh veal, sliced in thin slices. Wadyka greedily followed my actions. Hungry, I suppose. -- Pozhalet and put you back? Not dared, Vadik! Much that I can do for you - is lunch. And just because there is a wish to herself.

-- even agree on lunch - Al said former husband. In his person was seen that he had hoped for more. I continued to hope. People like Vadik, only to lose hope with life.

-- Well, then sit here and wait - I put zaledenevshy kusman bagrovogo meat in laminated (he tinkled din), and clicked the button easy defrost. Glass zavertelsya obediently circle, but Vadik prigoryunilsya, unlike Schumacher, victoriously vylizyvayuschego fur middle of the kitchen.

-- I need to give themselves up. Perevernesh meat, after propikaet four times.

-- I remember - Vadik was ready to agree to anything. Resigned palm boat until I eliminated the ring with his hands. I humbly setting up of me. Warm ringlets bryaknuli one another. Many of them, we chose together.

-- Warm ring - desirously said Vadik and briefly fingers in fists.

-- Ty, Vadik, such a romantic that I am now sick - disrespectful, I said and went to the bathroom. Loud closed from the inside. I put water which zahlestala immediately as a pump.

Nevertheless, Schumacher zhalobnoe myrkane I heard and put it in the bathroom.

-- And I? -- Vadik asked passionately.

-- Did you go to mimosa Being in the vase!

-- It looks like swearing or bad poetry.

But left.

Schumacher stood on hind paws diluted soap and lace, gathered in bouquets mustache. I withdrew pyjamas and fell into hot water froth.


In door pieces, but I was fatally cold. Schumacher run wolf.

-- Anya, opening!

Vadim? .. I turned to the side and heard a splash of water. Nadeau same! It is still in the bath. Apparently, prigrelas and fell. During that time, and the water is cool, and Schumacher with Vadim nearly rehnulis ...

-- I am not going to open for you, Relax, all right.

I quickly took a shower, umylas cold water bath and left their paradise.

Schumacher, I leaning to the side, rather razduval tiny nostrils: sailed on the flat wonderful smell, which can belong to only one phenomenon: pork chop with apricot and cheese.

Wadyka hastily rented apron and sneakers on the table late marinated pork and domestic Prior made by my mother, bryndza with olives and pine nuts, and finally, two clay cups from which O'Grady venture pairs, which was difficult with something confusion. Grog! Toth most that could be said of us and brought together with Vadim decade ago.

Wine obviously carried under jackets, podlets - my home is not delayed liquor stocks.

-- So what? -- I asked. -- Now, I should melt from grace and grant you a new portion of his confidence? And you will stand embarrass them, and buying men's tears prochertit wet track on zagrubevshey cheek?

-- Not cheek and the skin - says Vadik said. Too me, art editor.

-- Vadik, Vadik! Do not you read these glossy magazines - there is little intelligent people, mostly working blatnye and ungrateful. And these people are not good advice. Even the most wonderful delicatessen (s, its surprise!) And the sweet memories will not force me to change the decision. However, the lunch you prepared myself, so - thanks to the time saved. Let's eat-quick and gudbay, I have a lot of work.

-- Surov you were - Vadik said sarcastically. -- A won, miscommunication, what it пробрало - not such fools, and even in those magazines write. Simply they have in mind normal women and not hit a writer lives.

-- Vadka, I did not hit life, and you ...

I went changed into something more suitable for lunch with grogom parade. Not worth probably be with him such sharp. No matter that the former - all the same because the native people. God! Ten years sleep together, fight because of a better cushion, bringing tea to each other desktop ... Hide gifts in the apartment, comfort, telling stories - just love, and then: Anya, I went because Masha ... Joyful and happy own victory Maschka, its prey smiley next to him and ... Emptiness, cold, the deceased in odnominute phone? Quiet drunkenness, rush into the street, crying, the way to go deserted Tower, not to want more and more, not nearly live ... Read vykurennye pack of cigarettes, not to respond to calls. They say:

-- I would love you even if you were eunuch. Or girlfriend.

And now - he comes, he threw, he prepared dinner, and I must dance kachuchu of happiness.

I heave, as a movie, uncovered shifonera doors. Synchronously with my movement with three ets.dcom fell three shirt.

Help came Schumi. He gently Hosfeld obtains in terebit poganymi and began moving west. To combat it took me quite a long time. Then I chose one of the clothes, her otryahnula shumikovskoy of wool and napyalila, zastegivaya on the fly. Now jeans, and enough of it.

Thinking, I decided hair. Paint will not - Maschka malyuetsya as port prostitute, I will be beneficial to differ ... God, as I think? What is the difference? ..

Wadyka sat at the table, sgorbivshis. In the form of me raspryamil shoulders. I saw that he was on his knees - the stack of sheets.

-- not against you? I took a look.

I obomlela and sugar. He climbed into a red bag and then vyudil Svetinyh one of the folders.

-- Vadik, you forgot: I have always categorically against digging in my things.

-- Beautifully spoken! -- excitedly told me Vadik and returned sheets. -- K-table!

During the meal, we both keep silent, however, we still had the habit. We never complained about the problems with appetite.

After loading a pair of garlic in a good company and gribochkov Macbeth, I have filled the whole matter grogom, who had Vadik heat. I suddenly thought that he eats too slowly. Time pulls, or what?

Wadyka raised his eyes.

-- An, and that the material for you? New book?

-- Well, yes. -- I have not liked to discuss with strangers nenapisannoe people. The exception was only he, Vadik. But now - figulki, it is an irreversible.

-- Tell - and he has asked himself to the pot with grogom.

And I suddenly felt that I wanted to share with him my thoughts, to tell all of this strange situation, which is unclear as reflected in me. Sprouting through thought.

-- You heard about the missing of tourists from UPI? That was in 1959.

-- And what, what? -- Vadik closely watched, and I felt: it is actually interesting.

I have already stated quite confidently facts. In the eyes Vadikovyh melkalo a sort of respect was surprised waist.

-- The group of tourists from the Ural Polytechnic Institute went to the next trip. Kategoriyny - many of the children had to receive the highest category and level. Trip devoted to a congress of the party. At full seriously: Well, you can imagine what there was.

Wadyka nodded, and carried me as Homer.

-- Led collective Igor Dyatlov - an experienced tourist, one hundred times in the complex rarely hikes. However, the whole team under him podobralas become: there was not a beginner or wimps.

-- If you are committed, poplakali be protected ... -- philosophically said Vadik grogom with the club.

-- If you are going to interrupt me ...

Wadyka zamotal head outrage.

-- Seven men and two women - I patiently continued. -- Pravda, in the first trip were to go 11 people, but one no longer even in Sverdlovsk - because of the "tails" on the classroom, and the other, Yury Yudin, descended from the route at the 2 - m North township.

The route, by the way, such a thought: Sverdlovsk - Serov - city Ivdel - Vizhay - 2 village - and North - Mount Otorten - Unya River - River Vishera - Mount Oyka-Chacour - River North Toshemka - Vizhay village - city Ivdel - Sverdlovsk. The length - three hundred kilometers.

So, the Yudina radiculitis happened, and decided to send it back to them with the case was very strict. I read the diaries of previous hikes: if something is wrong with health, party immediately otstranyalsya from further action. However, some said that he had decided to resign, supposedly felt that pulls ...

28 January group began upward movement on the river Lozve, and the number 31 start Auspii rise on the river and tried to break through the pass to the fourth inflow of the river valley Lozvy. However, due to low temperatures and high winds team has been forced to arrange overnight.

On the first day of February in the upper reaches of the river was built Auspii labaz, where tourists have left margin products and superfluous things.

-- Labaz? -- переспросил far from Vadik tourism, and importantly, I pokivala head.

-- For three days Dyatlova group was taking Otorten and then return to the camp in order to continue the route. Therefore reluctant tourists.

I looked at a piece signed by Justice Ivanov junior adviser to check how well I remember the facts and figures. So far all seems to be stated correctly.

-- In three hours of the day began traverse height "1079", which he called a local Mansi-Syahyl Holat. Mansi is translated to as "Mount dead. Alleged the Flood in the time they were killed, nine Mansi.

-- A dyatlovtsev how many were you told?

-- Nine. I am pleased thy observation Vadik. Not quite yet koncheny people.

So that's why they went to Holat-Syahyl - remind you that their main objective was Otorten Mount, but no "1079" in the itinerary was no? Traversiruya slope Dead Mountains, could have been avoided descent to the valley of the fourth Lozvy inflows, ie 5-6 - metre thick snow. It was logical to pass on ridge where malozasnezhenny relief, and save time and effort.

Tourists took the left for a few hundred metres, and instead pass between height "1079" and "880" took to the slopes of Mt dead.

The mountains there, Vadik, judging by the photographs - broad and low, balding - almost no vegetation is not there. True, a scientist, who has a wealth of books about place names Urals, wrote that several times has been at this very Holat-Syahyl and seen on the top of his surprisingly bright forget ...

-- highly symbolic - Vadik said. -- More?

-- More - more. Judging from the photos right on the slope (if exact - in delicious metres from the tops) set camp. Dug a hole in the snow, lay there skiing. To have a tent stood on skis - are doing it. And around the time of ending dyatlovtsev blog entries. They have been and general diary, which they in turn, and almost everyone was personal - fashion of the time.

By the way, if accurately, the blog entries dated to the previous day - that is 31 January. A February 1, that is a day that we are particularly interested in, the guys were preparing newspaper "Evening Otorten" - something like newspaper, there was not only the walls to hang it.

On February 12, was appointed a controlling term when a group of Igor Dyatlova was to inform themselves of Vizhaya in Sverdlovsk. This has not happened.

Frankly, few people worried. Has earlier that the tourists do not withstand designated time frame, so they began to look not at once. I did not even very soon ...

Only 20 February, you can imagine? Four rescue group, consisting of students, went to search for the lost tourists. And while nothing particularly bad was still not thought privleklis to search people and the military. Initially, the search had been unsuccessful, but in the end, to be exact - 26 February, one of the search units found dyatlovtsev tent.

It was surprising that there were things almost all tourists. Two blankets, backpacks, tarpaulin, trousers and even an entire pile of things. Besides, taking the products.

With upwind side tents, exactly where were the head, cut the cloth in two places so that through this slot could climb. Below tents over 500 metres preserved traces leading to the forest in the valley and the fourth Lozvy inflows. Traces of eight - nine. Some went without shoes, which seems strange to me ... Still, in February.

At a distance of fifteen hundred meters from the tents, under a huge cedar, search engines and found remnants of the fire. And then were the first dead bodies ... Near the former fire before lying naked lingerie Krivonischenko and Doroshenko. In delicious metres from the fire - Rustema Slobodina corpse, then - Zine Kolmogorovoy body. Igor Dyatlov polulezhal-polusidel, embracing hands of a small barrel Birches were dismissed. As with Rustikom Zine, as if it were in the same line of cedar to the tent. Zina, by the way, was closest to the tent.

All five died - on the first impression of hypothermia. However, Rustem Slobodin had visible cracks in the skull body length of about six inches, which is dispersed at 0.2 cm.

Searched all around and checking schupami snow,

(Vadik again vzdrognul words of a stranger, confidently delivered my mouth.)

search engines place at the time of the tragedy left, taking with them the dead bodies and tent.

-- Wait-ka, because they were nine! And taking only five - two of the three cedar and then.

-- Here it is. But others were slowly - only the fourth of May! At the bottom of the fire

(I looked again to the text Ivanov.)

in the direction of the valley fourth influx Lozvy under thick snow in 4-4,5 meters found the bodies of Dubinin, Zolotareva, Thibaut-and Brignol Kolevatova. Work to be carried out search squads - it was a hellish work. Proschupyvali every inch, using mine detectors, which, incidentally, was little good ...

I stopped. Wadyka reflectively spit cup in his hand already ostyvshim grogom.

-- And all this?

-- How do you say? From what we know for sure - yes. There is a whole pile of documents, different evidence, research, speculation and imagination. So I try to read them slowly, may find that something new.

-- An, you know, I do not doubt your abilities, but this is not a little thy issue ...

I have already uncovered mouth to tell Vadiku mystical phenomena of the past few days, but woke in time and closed jaw loudly, in the cat's style. Wadyka - not one of those who believes in miracles any more zalomit hands behind me and will take in durku. Of the top, with motives.

Maybe it is time to me the truth there?

Wadyka apparently waited for an explanation, and here is the way the phone ring.

-- Hello? -- I asked the tube a bit more cheerful than should have been.

-- Rada to death? -- I answered the question.

-- Parents, are you the hometown? Hello! Well, as Grisha? Oblomilsya?

-- Oblomilsya, in a strict sense. Give me, please Wadyka.

-- Of course, of course. Vadim! You refuse thy!

Wadyka zamotal hands in opposite directions and made three prositelnyh wrinkles on the forehead. But I vsuchila him inexorably tube, and he went with her in the room. In my room!

I took the paper from which Vadik up a bag, and they reflectively of them. Obida roll around me almost tangible wind.What I have described this monster - someone else's monsters, by the way, the history, which is so important to me? As if no dyatlovtsev betrayed, I thought gloomily.

A Vadik already fled the room with a happy agony.

-- I said that she left me alone with their neumerennymi sexual demands. And in general: that she left me alone!

-- What do you unwind from me? Praise and admiration? There will be!

Vadim became serious again and tried hole for the kitchen table.

-- We have agreed that you are going after lunch. -- I smartly eyes hands devastated table. -- There is nothing more ...

-- I can even cook! -- vskinulsya husband.

-- Vadik, Relax - and the home. By Masha, Dashe, who are you?

-- No I have not - says Vadik said. -- Anya, it is impossible to be the ideal. God looks at you and think: it is so good that it does not make sense to live long. All the wisdom she has already received. Even in his youth ...

I do not stood and zasmeyalas. Knows how accessible.

-- Can I come tomorrow? Do you eat ...

-- There is no such word - "eat".

-- I bring you Ozhegova glossary, and together we esteemed him - humbly said her husband.

-- Glossary, as you say, I have. You can come on Saturday, look together Formula-1.

Wadyka demonstrated how river in the sun, and went into the hall to dress.

-- You know - he said to me, recessed for the door handle - I thought here: may, and it is good that they have died - and mysteriously strange? ..

I vozmutilas prichmoknula and lips.

-- You do not understand me. Here is tell them how much it now?

-- Sixty-two - sixty-five. Zolotareva more, it all over.

-- You see ... Would otherwise become elderly: run with a red flag at the monument to Lenin, wrote in a newspaper, would hinder their roaming and sisters live quietly ... Maybe getting to public transport, as well - in fact, they stepped into immortality, for the simple pathos. And to this day they are referred to simply by name: Zina, People, Rustick ... Even you, the girl that they fit into granddaughter ...

I gaze stopped Wadyka.

-- You disastrously wrong. Nothing is more expensive than the right to live their lives. Even if in the end it - the same red banners and rugachki in trams. So what? And suddenly among them was almost ready genius? Or just a good man, that is, in my taste, better than any genius ... And in general: they can give birth to children and grandchildren would now nyanchili, would meet on holidays together and sang with a guitar. Why not?

Wadyka razvel hands and left. And yet again, I one day went to the kitchen. I looked at the sad emptiness of their own desk and villages to it, filling the glass full ostyvshego groga that has become a traditionally Otherwise, deprived of high degrees. In the true sense of the word.


Neglected Vadikom sheets lying on the other stool, and I decided to read them until the day ended ... This time, I suck more formal style of documents.


questioning the witness

April 14, 1959. The city of Sverdlovsk. The prosecutor investigating department prosecutor, jr. Adviser Justice Romanov questioned in the prosecutor's office as a witness ... Kolevatovu Rima S., 1929 birth.

Judging by the age, a sister Sasha Kolevatova. (I caught myself thinking that Vadik something right - I really just call them by name, and in your heart out.) Prinesla notebook in the kitchen and began to make marks on the page with the name Kolevatov. The testimony of the witness, who was really Sashi sister, and took several pages were written by his own hand - small akkuratneyshim handwriting.

(Pocherk always seems to me one of the most intimate of human expressions. often uncomfortable to see someone else's handwriting, it is much, too much said ...)

While climbing up the mountain Otorten 2 February this year, groups of tourists were killed Ural Polytechnic Institute (in the group studied, and my brother Kolevatov Alexander, a student rate 4 Faculty of Physics and Technology). I know the composition of the team, with some participants hike met, know how loaded group (my brother had to provide everything needed for a group hike). We talked with him a lot about it. Finally, I had to be directly witnessed and even a little party began searching the missing group.

I consider it absolutely necessary to point ... following irregularities in the organization of a hike.

1. In organizing such tourist hikes released very scarce resources. Be 22 - day ski jump deserted places in winter conditions. Naturally, the stock would be entitled to the products of high, in particular, every student had to be a sacred reserve chocolate (just as they had each box matches in a breast pocket domestic costume). The Institute has identified every student for only 100 rubles (one hundred) in assistance, which of course was not enough. The remaining funds were collected by the group members themselves, crushing to 350 rubles. I am not mistaken in saying that a great deal of equipment for sports groups getting in the fight with the OIP. My brother "politicians", as he put it, each participant hike storm costumes and after a while he said that the tarpaulin would be entitled only to climbers, and asked them to return (for costumes storm came home to us). On the last day, the day of withdrawal, Alexander svitry out a wool and bring them home "smuggling", put themselves on 3 pieces. Sleeping bags, the team was not.

2. Late, very late started finding the missing group. In Sverdlovsk group would return 14 - February 15, February 12, they had to give a telegram from Vizhaya, their final item on the route, with the arrival of notice in it. Parents are worried about their children and, of course, phone calls and UPI sports, and sports club in town (with the words Dubininyh and Slobodinyh). I phoned the institute itself only on 17 February, after 3 days after the target date. Zaw. sports so proudly on the ground was not, attempts to call him were in vain: it was impossible to catch him at work. Immediately I called the city so Ufimtsevu sports section. He assured that he does not worry about than that the group detained in ways and for a week, etc. Such outrageous and criminal fact: 18/II so proudly informed the Party Polytechnic Institute, which received a telegram from Vizhaya, wrestling that the team delayed en route. Secretary of the Party UPI so Zaostrovsky FP information so Gordo not checked and the incident did not put in an event known director tons Siunova NS Director also learned of this only when he called from the city party so Fedchenko EP (I myself had to appeal to the hill to take action to find the group).

Thus, the telegram mixed (telegram came from a parallel group of Blinova Group), the directorate institute notified of the incident did not. The search began only at the insistence of the parents tourists.

When Polytechnic Institute began organizing the search, it turned out that it was not in the sports scheme route to the students went on a hike, diagrams drawn on the map. Deputy chairman of the sports club, with more UPI Milman, dating from third parties that I had the card with the scheme route before departure for the group trip, phoned my sister, Nina Anisimova S. with a request to deliver the card, which could begin the search. But this card, my brother, Alexander took with itself in the march. Maps of this brother gave Ignatius Fokich Ryagin, Deputy Chief of trust "Gipromedruda" (if I am not mistaken in the title), our friend. He knew the places, and talked with his brother about the upcoming hike. After a call from the sports club UPI I. F. Ryagin at our request to the memory restored route and paid it on the map, which I personally handed to Colonel February 19 Ortyukovu (he departed in search of the first group).

3. The outrage is of the organization's funeral. Each of the parents summoned individually or in Communist Party (ph Serkova Z.T.), or at the Polytechnic Institute and offered to bury the dead in Ivdele. What do the guys to Ivdelyu? We lived in Sverdlovsk, studied at the Sverdlovsk, in Sverdlovsk friends - and offered to bury Ivdele. T. Serkova each of the parents tried to persuade (their words) that even residents of Sverdlovsk, agree to bury Ivdele (personally we Kolevatovy, Slobodiny, Dubinin immediately wanly categorically against such a proposal) that they are buried in a mass grave, Ivdele that they will be put obelisk. The question arises: why the same could not be done in Sverdlovsk? When parents Zine Kolmogorovoy was also asked to bury daughter in Ivdele, because they refused to do so and offered to gather all the parents in the UPI together to resolve this issue in concert. This UPI Secretary of the Party (the names are not exactly remember) replied that the parents live in different locations, and it is impossible to collect them. As for such a conspiracy? Why has had to undergo so much hardship, even to go to the Secretary of Communist Party of tons Kuroedovu to make funeral in his native Sverdlovsk? Callous attitude to the people who have suffered so much, neuteshnoe grief. Forced to suffer so many mothers, fathers, relatives who lost good, honest people.

4. I had each of the dead to bury the tourists found. Why do they have such brown with a darker tinge hands and face? How can we explain the fact that four of those who were near the fire and stayed on all presumed alive, not done any attempt to return to the tent? If they were dressed much warmer (for those things that are missing among discovered in a tent), where a natural disaster, of course, having a campfire, the boys would invariably went to the tent. Large groups could not perish from burana. Why are they so panic fled tents?

The group of tourists Pedagogical Institute of Geography Department (their words), which has been on the mountain Chistop (south-east), seen in these days, in early February, the town Otorten a fiery ball. The same fire balls were recorded and later. What they origin? Can they become the cause of death for kids? Indeed, the group gathered durable and experienced people. Dyatlov in these places was the third time. People Dubinin itself to a group led Chistop town in the winter of 1958, many of the kids (Kolevatov, Dubinin, Doroshenko) were in hikes at Sayan. Not only could they die from collecting burana.

Why, sending a group trip, it is not provided walkie? Seeing his hopeless situation, the guys certainly would alert. When these same participants met the new hike, in the forest in 1959, leaving for 2 days at art. The fighters (in Perm rail), they also had its ratings, they listened to Moscow. Carried walkie-taking with itself and then Igor Dyatlov (brother told me so). This demonstrates once again the sad absence of our sports organizations.

And the last paragraph:

I ask an objective understanding of the causes of death of the group of tourists, parents and relatives to provide an opportunity to learn about these causes.

-- How would I want to know these very reasons that - I pogrustnevshemu Schumacher said. -- I would like Rima S. Kolevatova surprised at the very moment when he wrote these lines, Prawns feather in the inkpot, if learned: the cause of death of the group Dyatlova never be disclosed ...

At least for thirty years and is on dyatlovtsah forget.

Under the protocol hiding small listochek. Copies of telegrams:

Where: Sverdlovsk region,

Mountains. Pervouralsk, Sotsgorod,

Gardening, 13.

To: Dyatlovu AA

The sender address: pp. Vizhay, Dyatlov.

Hello, everyone.

Today, 26, reaching out to a route travelled well.

February 12-15 won in Sverdlovsk. Home will not attend, so let us Roof record in the laundry room for a visit to Penza. There will return March 5-7.

With regards Igor.

That is not Dyatlova home and waited - until March ...

Here are my thoughts crashed in a phone call.

I responded immediately that waited. I was surprised not to hear the voice of Amy.

-- An, sorry that otryvayu ...

(I forgot to say that it was nice kartavila. childhood in the same way I talked, but I then whatever otuchili maminy familiar speech.)

-- Know what I really did not even otryvaesh! I myself wanted to call you ...

Light fault said:

-- I have some strange feeling left after we were you ... As if I have all such mysterious and vseznayuschaya but, in fact, Anya, I am terribly embarrassed itself that you will laugh.

-- What I had to laugh?

-- I mean, the girls in my age already quite other interests must be ... And for some reason, I live with four late. For many people this is laughter. I told a friend: "Living is not interested in you." But that's not true, I simply do not know how to explain.

-- Give me better than the other thing - and I pressed the tube chin to cheek (though not recommend cosmeticians to do so - suffered neck) and clicked pens. -- As to the copy you got a criminal case and why is it so ... rastrepannoe? Incomplete ...

-- No problems - why something sad said Light. It must have been uncomfortable for having razotkrovennichalas. And I very much fear of other people's revelations. Apparently, it pochuvstvovalos. -- I turn off kettle, wait, please.

Teapot whistled loudly in the depths of the invisible me Svetinoy apartment. I introduced myself clean linoleum on the floor, neat shelf for dishes and a window for some reason on the first floor ... A window with bars and mosquito nets before fortochnym glass.

-- Light, you first floor and linoleum in the kitchen? -- I asked.

-- Yes, and that is evident on the phone?

It has become very bad. Apparently, in mutiruyu ekstrasensa. Well, it is necessary to escape from this nonsense and focus on the case. Light has already begun story.

-- Tourism has long been practicing, I have to school (I remained respectfully silent), and just in the ninth grade someone spoke about how the Northern Urals group of tourists were killed. This was already a legend. I do not just interested, and struck! You know, there are stories in life that can not be set aside until all peredumaesh until the end, not all submit ourselves to things ... It is difficult to explain.

-- I have some understanding that you have in mind.

-- So, I started to dig slowly - seek details from people close to tourism. Then, of course, many were afraid to speak the truth: it was not the time for such a fountain is a revelation. But in 1989, the Regional Archives in the way I felt all the same. And there I met a man who helped me cool. I withdrew with photocopies of the criminal case because it could destroy at any time over a period of limitation. Read it from cover to cover. Naturally, she noticed that a lot in this case is not enough - you are right, it is something kutsee. Rather, the solution of the lies precisely in those missing pages. But since they were not, I began to search itself. Found search engines - one after another, met with relatives dyatlovtsev, with all those who had at least indirectly related to the case.

-- Relatives? -- I asked suspiciously. -- As far as I know, none of them has been the family, and their parents have probably ...

-- U Zolotareva could be wife and seemingly even. But for sure about him is not known. On it over them all - at the time he was a hike thirty seven. Many wondered then - from what tion suffered in his trip with the youth? I have been told that Kolevatov was opposed to Zolotarev went to the march. It is possible however, that this is only a figment of thought. You have stolkneshsya numerous artistic lie that surrounded the case from all sides. Try to draw conclusions based only on documents.

As for the relatives, the many dyatlovtsev was (and is) brothers and sisters. Families were large since then. U Igor Dyatlova - two sisters, Rufina and Tatiana, and brother Slava, the Lyudy Dubininoy - brother Igor. If it is needed, we then you can go to them, to communicate.

-- Of course, you can! A light, and what happened next? You collected these materials, they lay down in the red bag, then?

Light sighed.

-- We went to the very mountain. 2 February 1989, thirty years later. I saw myself, and pass the memorial board, which is installed there. Then interest in the subject have begun to show journalists - a rare newspaper articles in turn escaped with photos and in a variety of versions, to the point that dyatlovtsy naporolis accidentally occurred at the ancient treasures ... And similar delirium.

Every day there are more and more experts on dyatlovskomu case. They are important things cheeks, and slowly pyzhatsya discussing how things were and exactly why they were killed ... I also - on the contrary - every day less and less like to talk about it because nothing has changed. To date, nothing is known.

True, we have succeeded in passing a little podpravit dyatlovtsam monument at the cemetery Mikhailovsky, and even some stuff done ...

That is why I am so pleased when you met. You know, I am in no way afraid of all these mystical pieces, but even if you do, and they invented for the red slovtsa - still try to write, can be somebody ...

-- I do not vydumyvala. And write ... -- I wanted to tell about the new Swete "mystical pieces" my computer, but stopped in time. -- We should not yet write, and read. I started.

Sveta so pleased that I visibly saw her smile. She voiced her in his voice:

-- Read, will not hinder. Call something like, if time will be.

I did not even have time to say that today I have the time - because the smoke, but Light already extinguished. We had to breathe in and nedopitoe empty shell.


-- Schumacher, if you have utensils and soap, the price you would have been! -- in the hearts kotishke I said, desperately suetivshemusya from the refrigerator door. Same vymyla dishes, and the fifth time in the day and fed Schumi svarila ourselves with coffee and cinnamon Cardamon.

Peretaschila selected Vadikom stack on the sofa and began to read the new post, a corner skolotye stapler. Along tagging done in the notebook.


Sightseeing things discovered

at the scene.

d. Ivdel, 5 - 6 - 7 March 1959.

Prosecutor-criminologist prosecutors Sverdlovsk region, jr. Adviser Justice Ivanov, in accordance with Art. 78 CCP RSFSR was this protocol that in the presence of head. chair of physical education and Vishnevski UPI correspondent. newspaper "has been replaced by" Yarovogo Y.

(Stop! That name already met me. author of the book "Higher categories difficulties" - Yarovoy. Has he been involved in the search? wonder how he managed it ... As far as I can imagine, everything was extremely zasekrecheno - if not the most searches , the follow-up inspections and examinations.)

Yudina had Yuriy Yefimovich - 4 student course UPI (city Sverdlovsk, 8 student corps, room 531) belongings found in the vicinity of the tent Dyatlova group of tourists in the region of a fire at the corpses and Krivonischenko Doroshenko, as well as clothing, available at the corpses found.

Yudina Yu.E. it was proposed, based on personal impressions of entries in diaries of participants hike, as well as by examination of all things belonging to distribute things to a party hike.

As a result of the inspection of things Yudin Yu.E. said that, in his view, things belong to the following persons:

(To date, the search party inspection chaotic things were placed in the backpack.)

Presumably Kolmogorovoy Zinaida belong:

a) black backpack, old, on the lateral useobject afford. It toothbrush, zavorachivayuschayasya inside, bandages, letter of Berezniki in the name of Z. Kolmogorovoy, a piece of soap, tied in cloth, a new box of matches, a black electric lantern, coil black threads, shiny piece of soap holders with soap, two cans of under powdered milk with a set of medicines, first aid kit-bag (bandages, cotton, iodine), film, titled iron from the tooth powder, and it set medicines. Yudin said that moving from a group of 2 - site of the North, he conveyed these medicines Z. Kolmogorovoy.

Z. Kolmogorovoy also belong: socks vigonevye almost black color,

The word "vigonevye" suddenly lauded in me with all force. That was nice obsolete word ... Interlock, if I am not mistaken, "from the rough wool" or "mixed" ...

... raincoat-tent, blue woolen mittens with brown figure ... blue mittens type leggings, slippers pile new home at the underside of the outside figure in the tree.

The list of things belonging Zine has been long, detailed and defenceless, as always happens when personal exhibit on public display. I can imagine criminology Ivanov showing Yudina CROWD one after another, but could not imagine that felt while Yudin.

Telogreika ladies' with the artificial dark brown collar ... jacket-green tarpaulin. In pockets tarpaulin found: on the photo badge with the name Kolmogorovoy, 5 rubles. Laundering (roubles).

Especially carefully reread the list of clothes, which were Zine. The girl was dressed warmly enough.

... to Z. Kolmogorovoy corpse was dressed: blue svitr, beneath it with transverse Ex knitted blue stripes, cowboy shirt, blue shirt with sleeves ... ski pants, blue pants training ... Woolen socks with brown fur stelkami, cotton socks. At the head with a red wool cap, under her blue wool cap.

That's it. Kuczka things that do not know how to say it. And it would be told ... It is a pity that they could not speak tents, birch, snow ...

Presumably I. Dyatlovu belong:

a) fur jacket (no cover cloth), jacket with fur locks "lightning". Backpack old, green, ill-cloth gloves, mask,

(Mask probably protective - of snow and frost. Weed, it appeared from photographs, is eerie. Man, it becomes similar to the aggressive alien.)

red socks, spare anchorages blankets to warm boots, wool ski cap, blue with white flowers, black leather gloves, dark red blanket, trousers storm green tarpaulin and shiny.

In pockets anorak and trousers storm Dyatlova I. found: frame glasses in the cornea, in a Shell grey notebook addressed Dyatlova Z. Kolmogorovoy with photographs, a knife with a knife on the strings rifle, garlic cloves, compass, mask, strings, wires, erasers to the skis.

Just a minute! Photo Zine? Maybe they were novel? Or is it my imagination impatient whispers? No photography ... In the notebook book ... Pravda, Igor Zininu could ask for the card processing some documents. We should take note.

... At Dyatlova I. corpse was found clothes listed in the act of opening a corpse: fur jacket, blue satinom timbered. Yu Yudin said that the jacket belonged to him and he handed over the city 28/I-59 S. Kolevatovu.

Why, it was at Dyatlove?

Boots kind, found in Marketing.

At corpse Dyatlova also:

svitr half-blue, cowboy shirt-jacket, blue knitted shirts, trousers ski brown, dark trousers training green ... white woolen socks, torn, two cotton socks, packaging streptocide.

That is Dyatlov was without shoes. At frost. At the same time - dressed relatively warm.

Relentless criminologist continued its work.

Presumably L. Dubininoy belong:

a) black backpack, old, broken glasses in the case, toothbrush in the case, soap holders with soap, toothpaste. The quilt dark blue, tarpaulin outside, blue shirt, black ski pants, a white liner, ski boots, Ex wool socks and wool white, black valenoks. Cowboy shirt in petty cell mask, brown socks and grey woollen socks. Yu Yudin said that the socks he gave L. Dubinin.

In pockets tarpaulin found: strings paper, a patch of raincoat-tents, English pin, a little powder and onion. Above the tourist icon anorak pocket. The left sleeve tarpaulin vyvernut inward.

In ski pants pockets found: elastic bandages, the beginning of a letter ... Vale ... big hairbrush, 2 pencil, paper clip hair and money for 35 rubles.

Paperclips hair ... How strange sounds - no one now would not have said so already. This from the same breed that vigonevy svitr - forgotten words.

Respirators blue ski, sack x / paper. Ladies handkerchiefs - two white with a brown border and one in the cage.

Meticulously and carefully this protocol has been drawn up. The farther I read, the more I became terrible. I clearly saw a pile is not new, not very sound of why something caught in a room ivdelskoy prosecutors.

Things that are proposed to identify Yudina were very similar to one another. Normal for those years tourist equipment. Well, as, for example, can distinguish one pair of woollen socks from the other? Yudin same, judging from the record, not bad coped with the task.

Presumably N. Theobald-owned Brinol following things:

a) backpack, from the aroma of tea with the film, blanket grubosherstyanoe navy-blue, old hat ... matches in oilcloth, cowboy shirt in the box (found in a fire - a sleeve of vyvernut), tarpaulin, boots.

In pockets anorak and trousers: handkerchief, dressing, boxes of matches, a pocket flashlight, a knife and the knife Finnish type knife, a compass, a pin, spare belts for skis, 1 ruble money telogreyka black, zastegivaetsya on the left side, valenoks black podshitye.

Presumably Slobodinu R. backpack belonged to a new, green, it is pegged toys - rubber Bear, towels, binoculars, a red blanket, tarpaulin outside, the storm trousers, black telogreyka, prozhzhennaya, liner, a rewarding ... bolt, wire. The toy hedgehog, pencil box with screws, 2 threads reel, line, notebook-notebook. Camera "Loser", the number is not known, ski boots, mask.

Things Rustema or, as it was called to, Rustica, a bit poveselee than with friends. Yet, I remembered, he loved to play the mandolin - very fashionable for the time instrument.

At Slobodina R. corpse dressed: svitr black cotton, under her cowboy shirt. Between svitrom kovboykoy and 2 are felt insoles, kovboyki pens in the pocket, a passport in the name Slobodina, money 310 rubles (100, 50 and 10 rubles x4), under kovboykoy gray fleece jacket with knitted, but below the shirt.

Ski pants ... in the pockets knife knife, a hairbrush and a pencil.

At right leg felt and 4 pairs of socks, socks on the left leg, but felt lacking. In tarpaulin Slobodina 3 copies. Letters regarding Bienko, a ski pants pocket trade union letter.

In my head, something zastuchalo quietly. At first I thought that this samovyrazhaetsya smoke, but then it became clear that the case is not in it.

Rust, Igor and Zina were found in the snow, between cedar, which lay Krivonischenko and Doroshenko, and tents. As far as I remember, worst of all were wearing two from cedar, that is, they only had the easiest ammunition. Just heat - they were in the creek, but all better protected from frost Dyatlov, and Zinochka Slobodin.

While this is just a fact and wonder how he can, I want to. Nevertheless, I made a mark in the notebook: the idea - Substance fly, and it is better to catch the tail immediately.

Dispassionate handwriting Ivanov meanwhile, continued:

Doroshenko allegedly belong to the following things:

black backpack, blanket claret, telogreyka blue, knitted training pants, boots, scarves, in a cell vigonevy, cap, helmet, tarpaulin outside, and in the pockets of its two note pads, and 20 rubles. Money (10 x2).

At Doroshenko corpse was dressed: in a large cage cowboy shirt, calf warm, turquoise-coloured shirt ... At three feet entire cotton socks, ripped three socks and a pair of woollen socks with traces of burning.

Zolotareva identified as things:

a) green striped blanket, tarpaulin outside, white woolen scarves, shoes, fixed wire, takes black ski cap, a small bottle of vitamins ... 1 film pieces. In backpack Zolotareva notebooks, magazine Krokodil ", bay leaves, pepper. Telogreika black, with the camera viewfinder and add. lens.

Tel Zolotareva, Thiebaud, Alexander Dubinin and Sashi Kolevatova at the time of this protocol has not yet been found. Only their belongings, clothes and backpacks. A native still remained some hope ...

Kolevatovu allegedly belongs: black backpack, blanket from the soldier's cloth, tarpaulin and trousers, fur vests, ski boots, liner ... fraction comb, cigarettes tutu "Aromatnye, aluminium flask.

I clearly saw an aluminium flask. My father was like that at all. Paunchy, reliable, cool ... Yes, it is interesting: what kind of clothes to find the bodies of the last four? Protocol provides link to the opening acts, they were lying in a separate folder.

Krivonischenko allegedly belong things:

backpack, blanket dark green, blue telogreyka prozhzhennaya, anorak and trousers storm, mandolin in a valise,

(That's you again! and played something on it Rustick!)

fur stockings, liner gloves and a decorative fabric, ski boots, valenoks, aluminium flask.

Here double déjà vu.

In anorak pocket comb, a compass and small scissors. At tarpaulin 2 characters: 2 sports. level and the "tourist" string "D" for the mandolin, toy "bear".

At Krivonischenko corpse was dressed: cowboy shirt-jacket, shirt body, the remnants kalson, smelting, one sock.

Male clothing for February in the northern Urals .. Well, until I oger clothes with the remaining four, nothing is clear ...

The protocol has remained the last page.

In addition, some things remain unknown, such as:

blankets to shoes (all broken - 9 pairs);

socks x / paper and ripped whole - 25 pc.;

vigonevye and wool socks, and ripped whole - 21 pc.;

woolen gloves, fur, x / boom., cupolas and neobshitye - 20 pieces;

gaiters - 17 pieces (blue and black);

podshlemniki - 3 pc.;

bags different from the products - 12 pc.;

shoes home (slipper) - 1 pair.

In the list of unidentified I also met a shirt, three sweaters, towels, scarves, masks, pants, a cap, fur collars, leather shoes from, handkerchiefs, strings, -4 -4.5 D glasses in a green case, flashlight "beetle" , toothbrush, axes, saws handed, a pair of skis, an ice and bowls - seven spoons, mugs, five, three aluminum cups, and two buckets with stove pipes. Peczka, as far as I remember from books and Yarovogo Gushchina, Adrian Igor Dyatlov, who had no talent for this part.

Major, confident signature Yudina assured protocol.

Picture. For window snowflakes flew sadly similar to the young men frozen. I reflectively relinquished protocol to the folder and felt as quietly in an apartment ...

Well! Watch a little TV and go to bed.

Weak pressing buttons on the remote control, I honestly tried to find some shows. The first showed the next James Bond.

At the call sign James Hosfeld and Schumacher came to me on the sofa. I put it next to each other, and one and a half hours, we watched with pleasure and totally unrealistic because the deeds are absolutely beautiful and nenaturalnogo irritating because men. I would therefore not become even talk. Probably.

By the end of the film smoril me sleep, the more Schumacher purred instead of the best sleeping pill. And when I woke - color on the screen was "mattress" Otherwise, hot and flew to a room specially designed for such as I: do not forget to switch off the television set.

And in 1959, had already been teliki or not yet? Probably were, but not for all ... The people basically go to the cinema and carefully examining posters.

The mirror reflected my zaspannoe person with red stripes on the left cheek - from smorschivsheysya sofa cushions. Senators Quickly, I put himself in bed, but - here gadstvo! -- now absolutely do not want to sleep. I vorochalas from side to side over an hour, and then in the kitchen for poplelas nedochitannoy plastic folder.

-- It is necessary to read the opening acts - I said huskily itself. I wonder if I have all day will not talk with any voice disappear or not? Perhaps I simply do not want to use it. As Robinson Crusoe.

Act autopsy probably lying in a red bag, but I suddenly found themselves alone. Night at the yard, now nachitayus any horrors and finally going with the mind.

I strongly took the following Order daveshney document from folders. Another questioning of the witness in the case.


questioning the witness

April 14, 1959 Attorney Investigation Division Region. Romanov prosecutors questioned at the prosecutor's office area

Dubinin Alexander Nikolayevich, born 1903

Father Alexander!

Permanent residence: Str. Decembrists, House 16/18, Gate 44, Apt. 379. Sl. tel.: D-1-39-40.

Then those numbers were in Sverdlovsk, funny ...

Given that I was not on the spot death of group tourists and me as a parent, no one informed about the true cause of the death of my daughter, let me express their views on the causes and perpetrators of death ...

Until now, I can not accept the idea - as we in the Soviet Union, large industrial, cultural centre of the country, could be a criminal, naplevatelskoe life to the conservation of an entire group of people.

Send people to life in a dangerous trip to the mining and taiga, uninhabited areas, where in January - March powerful storms occur, svalivayuschie with legs (for local residents story ...) not only rights but also deer, frequent collapses are not drawing Having not totally free, even basic activities, which - to some extent prevent danger to life ...

... Such a hike, bordering on adventurism and reckless risk-based, so even with regard to the tragic event that took place near the mountain 1079, exclude the possibility of saving someone from the group ...

Physically it was painful to read the text, written by a man who has lost his daughter, but has not yet put up with this. The body of Alexander Dubinin is not found ... And her father says:

... UPI students heard talk that the flight of naked people from tents and a large explosion caused by radiation ... Head statement. Administrative Division championship CPSU so Ermasha made by the sisters who died so Kolevatovoy, that the rest are not found now 4 people to live after death found no more than 1.5 - 2 hours, forcing think that the forced, the sudden exodus of the tent due to the explosion of shells and radiation near Mount 1079, "beguiling" which forced ... flee from it, and more must be expected, affected the livelihoods of people, particularly at the sight.

That yes! Pope Lyudin quite boldly expressed their views. At the time - truly boldly ... Incidentally, I also came to mind that dyatlovtsy were blinded. The fact is that the fire burned near the cedar half or two hours. And in order to maintain the fire, someone (likely dyatlovtsy - yet we know nothing about the presence on the pass even some people) climbed on this very cedar - vysochenny, raskidisty - and jumped on the branch to break them . In addition, the knife cut branches growing number of lightning Birches, despite the fact that it was easier to break down your hands. While only a few steps from the fire, according to search engines, was brushwood! So the guys saw nothing ... (Even assuming that the range was dark night, it is still not converge - and the moon reflected light snow would make his own case.)

A light projectile 2/II about seven o'clock in the morning in the town of Serov seen. Watched this on the students UPI story, a certain group of tourists prebyvavshaya while in a hike at Mount Chistop. I think that the alleged shell was launched from the territory of the USSR, and therefore surprised me, why not have been closed tourist routes from the city Ivdelya ...

Apart from that, if not deviated shell hit on the intended site, in my opinion, a government agency that issued the shell must send its fall into place and the gap aerorazvedku to ascertain that there Rimbunan he could, and perhaps to provide the required assistance.

... If aerorazvedka was made, it can be assumed that she picked up the other four.

Stated my personal opinion here, I may not share with whom, believe it is not subject to disclosure.

Poor Alexander Nikolayevich! Yet he remained a small hope that her daughter was taken away from rescuers aerogruppy ... In two weeks, and people will find three guys, but in early May to bury them.

At the end of the pages was marked in pencil, apparently Amy hand - the younger brother Lyudy - Igor live in Berezovsky, an engineer.

I pressed myself to the leaves. Gore's father, lost their beloved daughter, still above the Lycée pages.

In another folder stayed protocol questioning a witness. Vladimir Slobodin, the chairman of trade union UPI, which after the death of his son and even got strict reprimand (Lord, what times they lived ?..), detail expressed their views on the perpetrators of trouble. They sought only to march organizers. Vladimir referred to the various documents and rulings, arguing oploshali where sports leaders and UPI, asked punish them ... Especially was swinging Lvu Gordo, chairman of sports.

Unhappy and naive parents, before his death never comes the reason why they selected the most important in life, the whole meaning of it - children ... Parents dyatlovtsev fought for the truth, as the lions. Then fought by all possible means - wrote statements have testified, have sought admission from superiors questioned students and tourists ... Sami went to the scene, but there, silent except for snow and cold wind, nothing, and no one across.

Light said that none of them are dead. Perhaps their souls met with the souls of dead children - killed by nature, human or supernatural forces ... Now they know the truth.

Leaflets fell from my hand and I fell asleep immediately, without any transition periods.


I went to s beautiful snow-covered city. He quite often I dream: successfull hybrid Sverdlovsk, Ekaterinburg, Leningrad and St. Petersburg. Rustle, raskachivayas that trees are thin and tallest buildings, fixed with obschipannymi rare pine tops, and the boring machine went crowded flow. One after another lit window, cheerful raskatannoy drunkard falls on the path to shine. Loud, and diligently <ggryzbmlvsiqurgnyrrb> arises. I am going there in the old coat, collar with both hands raised. More revelations - only a little light snow, and visible dirty snowdrifts province.

Before me - the old man, he goes gently, as if afraid to awaken a sharp movement of the disease. Slow, the correct steps, as a machine: two-time, two times. Uzehonkaya path, I have to adjust to the rhythm of this soldier. But somewhere, I rush, so soon his back, covered the old woolen coat, which is probably very cold, it turns right in front of my nose, so I can even catch the smell of drugs, flying side by side.

It turns out, immerses me bleklo-blue eyes.

-- Emil S.?

-- Hello, Anechka - we stand firmly in the snowdrift (standing on the ground, or two times!).

-- Was the same, that is ... you do ... -- I can not quite articulate.

-- What-what? Ah, well, yes, that it does not matter! Wanted, that I wanted to say to you - you are now reading documents everything, it is, of course, well, but you find me there such a cardboard envelope - see that inside. In the first instance. And yet, Anya - you do not all papers on the case! Ira my akkuratnitsey never has been. I did not see a few more pages, I like them at that time ... m-m-m ... Day watched. You really find them, please.

I nodded, holding on for fur collar. Just me off totally free road protoptannaya in deep snow. But I will not hurry anywhere. As a jamshhik.

This morning sleep safely forgotten. I woke in the excellent mood and thought that we should have gone a walk, the more poteplelo slightly on the street. So I thought.

For me Brody-Odessa outlet phone call. The editor of Moscow. The very that waived my novel. No, in the sense of the novel with me, it was just very not against, despite the advertisement, he did not want to publish the product of a "lack of erotic content." What he had in mind, I am in fact understandable. With glittering eyes and oblizyvalsya that absolutely fell in the desired their "context".

-- Hello couple - talking editor, and I thought that zapashok I feel as if my interlocutor not почистил teeth touch. In Moscow, as time was early in the morning, so the editor called from home. -- Do you think that we spoke?

-- Yes - I said, looking sadly at the door. It would take to the streets - to ventilate the head. And the body. I wear.

-- You peredelaesh?

-- Maybe we ALRi later?

Short succession. I gently put my phone for charging. Strangely, this talk me not disconcerting, though about erotic content - cause dead. Apparently, the novel would not. Nothing. I got out of stupid for a few days flat.

As well, it was on the street! The very day of the winter that idea emigrants in the distant Parizhah and New Yorkah ... Rissian, but not cold, and even snow skripit in style, bluer, dense, currently. As if we are not in the city-millionaire!

I slowly went down the street to his. Dekabristov Street. Strangely - how much prikipaesh to the title, it is as meaningless ... Once upon a time, there were the Decembrists in Siberia, and now, slowly and with pleasure, I pletus, holding coats floors, and me running multiple parallel flow machines.

Right Park, I often walk there. Way convenient - descend from the mountains. Links - shop, and I remember that once worked in this building beer called "Cafe" Eastern "there can be found a wide variety of wonderful people. Where are they now?

Where-where. In Moscow. Let not rhyme, but true. And what pulls all of this miserable city?

I plyunula in the box. We in the city are very few urns. You can say lucky.

Well-read and think about all nonsense.

Before the crossroads with Belinsky reached a "Uralsky book." Купила a couple of books. I then moved to the right side - there is a beautiful view of the basin. I, however, represented a vaguely this very kind, but I pomnilos where something that he beautiful.

At the old stone bridge, looking at a little steamy water smooth, thick sewer pipe, which stretched along the river, and at the tender birch trunks, I remember daveshny sleep, forgotten morning. Remember clearly that just saw.

-- It is necessary to urgently flee home and watch that in the folder - I said the river, pipe and birch. Although it would be very cool to have to walk a little bit - not flee because of me, this folder. And in the apartment of Emile I simply did not get far - Hope G. own informant reported that the new occupant enter only through the week. Then Ira and will appear. G. Hope made some bold assumptions regarding Irinyh contacts with the most tenants, but I did pretend that do not understand it, heroically remaining silent.

In general, there is still need to walk. Naked by the end of Decembrists, where Alexander Nevsky monastery and church.

Green caught fire, and I mechanically submitted to the orders of his polite.

There were no longer so many cars. In looking further, I crossed the street and was right in front of a round dome of the temple. This temple feeble, but some very impressive, the present. Mimo beggars materyaschihsya in a dispute over the best place and immediately changed the rhetoric in my appearance, past the three old cars parked almost under the icon on the church gate, past the citizens going on with caution zaledenevshim track, I went to church and the territory now stopped before entering the temple. What was waiting for something.

Of the old temple went low in iron and Bandana young man. Both crossed fiercely on all policies.

I would also like to know how well ... Envy those who sincerely believe, is not portraying any feelings of non-existent, not spoofing their emotions. Easy to imagine what could become a powerful tool own faith. In principle, it can only justify and explain everything, even the most absurd and terrible events of life.

The church people are not afraid to die - they think that a better life awaits them - there somewhere far away.

And I can not believe it. I do not know that a fault - atheistic education, which benefited throughout my generation, or not those books, Reported in childhood ... How would I like to believe that God - not have invented, but currently, and that after death, there is something else. From childhood fear of death, not even most of this fact, a sense of another - after death is not nothing. (Available in English is: "it is nothing", they have no double negation - very convenient.) I am much… nightmares about this thing anything, it seemed to me something like sex statues, which place me, so that the marble folds to repeat features and contours of the body and would have nothing to breathe. I even Mom could not explain what is so frightening, simply asked:

-- Mama, I am going to die?

-- No, I - my mom said. And I tempered.

Then an acquaintance told me:

-- All must die. In something else doubt, but no deaths have been avoided.

Painful truth of those words became my simple stereotypes. And over the years, this fear is not gone. I dubbed him tanatofobiey and learned to live with it.

I am absolutely not satisfied Soviet morality - supposedly, it is necessary to perform feats or any opening there, that the people remember my personality, and then this would be the opening and identified. Yes damn! What is the difference if my body at that time no longer exist, and soul ... And who said that there is the soul? So far this raspisyvayutsya only cheap newspapers, of those that left paint on the fingers of a few seconds of contact ...

Once again, I think three years ago, a friend called my guests at Christmas, and we - well, four adults and self-maidens - staged a spiritualistic session. Write letters to the terms of whatman, lit candles and began to rotate the saucer. That is, we have not played - it naturally went by itself and "wrote" with our letters every word. We only kept in the hands of a few centimeters from the saucer, and I was ready oath that none of the girls it has not touched.

First, we raised the spirit of Bellingshausen. Why Bellingshausen, I do not remember. But he came and long thoroughly answered all of our stupid questions: when I get out marry? how much will I have children?

I remember how Natashka asked - very seriously and politely, as if to the doctor:

-- Tell me, please, my fiance is rich?

Then we have "released" Bellingshausen, and the spirit of the poet Nicholas led Oleinikova. I started here very strange things. Just saucer flew on whatman and was words that were oleynikovskimi verses! I then checked by specially book: he "read" us about beetle-antisemites. Hardly any of my friends could know the work.

Then stopped spirit, the spirit translated and wrote one word:


Natashka pobelela and asked:

-- We have not liked you?

And he replied:

I love.

Prophecies spirits unfulfilled. Natashka, which promised "a full bowl" in every sense, is still one, and the rest of the girls, including me himself, all the remains, or even becomes worse. And we often ask each other: What was that? Mass psychosis? Hysterical? Or truth?

Then I, too, went to church and had two candles - pray for the souls Thaddeus Bellingshausen and Nikolai Oleinikov, the souls of people who we, stupid maidens, potrevozhili.

I still think that Oleynikovu enjoyed chatting with us.

How do they live there, these souls? Where did we caused them? Why they do not settle again in the body of newborn babies? After all, if the judge sensibly, God is unprofitable to create new souls for new people - better to take the old ones. And if the soul really very bad, like Lenin or Hitler, then it can be left to settle in eternal hell. But because such little, basically all people - nearly all - worthy of life.

Once I saw a Hindu funeral in Nepal, in the temple Pashupatinat. Hindus set fire to their dead on the bank of the holy river, and then rejoice that a new life begins souls. Ta, which you earned in the former. I never came to rejoice in the head, if someone died.

The only thing that I can imagine for a good death, it is rare sense of serenity, which sometimes comes before the deep sleep when it becomes all the same - you wake or not. I sometimes dream sleep, which understand that this is the soul of my life - it was a dream I always flying past the beautiful green trees, treat poor, but quickly, no one sees me, and I see everything. And while - quite happy.

That is what I thought, looking at the temple. Para, krestivshayasya at the dome, went long, and I was totally one in the whole churchyard.

My grandmother dubbed me in some very non compos age, so I quietly visit to the temple, and even sometimes pray - as able to do, and put a candle.

Now, I should have put nine candles.

I asked a strict old, which is sold at the entrance of the church's literature, icons and candles - they were bundles in the beaker:

-- You can put a candle, if a person is not baptized?

-- You can put, pray, but at the altar of Remembrance can not be ordered.

I am not certain that all were dyatlovtsy ecclesial. Time for religious people has been devastating, but many children baptized secretly. Well, became Zine - it comes from the village, and many others, too. But because I did not know this for sure.

Купила not nine, and ten candles - wanted to put one over zdravie. The former husband - Wadyka.

When I came up to the icon, which put candles in prayer, their hands have become a bit slippery from the wax. I raised candles one by one, they stood just and balanced, flames vytyagivalos highly commended.

Mother, God, the soul of your slave Igor and all my gay and patrons, forgive them for all their wrongdoing and volnyya nevolnyya and grant them the kingdom of heaven now and Priest and the eyelids centuries.

I read a prayer exactly nine times, changing the names. I really wanted God to hear my prayer, I do not quite unbelieving people - just my doubts ... Shares of them - how easy it has become to live ...

My Mom always said that it is very important proof of the existence of God - weather for Easter. It is tested since childhood - and in fact, on Easter always sky is cleared and the sun sparkle, even before the wolf was cold and dark slush.

The most recent, "Vadikinoy, candles, I went to another icon, and there was an unexpected thing happened. Somehow pognulas candle in my hand, I wanted to correct it, razognuv back, but it broke down into two halves, sealed wick. I am terribly panic. What has been done now? Throw candle? Not like ...

We had to remove one wick of a candle and place halves - twice as long and with a shorter tail - before an icon. She showed sharp and bright, but I still think that this is not a very good sign: not to be with us Vadikom together.

Useless for the remainder of the ignition half, I put candles in the pocket bags. I went to the graduation, and finely lubberly twilight.