Mortal Remains

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Front Cover

Publisher: Catalyst Game Labs

Product Code: 23002

Publishing Year: 2009

Pages: 144

Cover Price: $39.99

Author(s): Matthew Grau, Fraser McKay

Artist(s): Mike vaillancourt (cover & interior), Liam C. (cover & interior), Jonas Andreassen], Sarah Leanne Buckley, Tyshan Carey, Daniel Chavez, Zachary Graves, Louis Holsten, Maclean Kendree, Christine Macternan, Sean McMurchy, Kaija Rudkiewicz, Chee Ming Wong, Darren Yeow

Book Type: Sourcebook

Format(s): Hardcover and PDF

ISBN: 1-93485-755-6


  • Fiction: New Lives
  • Chapter One: Welcome
  • Fiction: For Your Protection
  • Chapter Two: People of a Dying World
  • Fiction: Breaking Point
  • Chapter Three: Children of Nowhere
  • Fiction: Sanctum
  • Chapter Four: From the Vault
  • Fiction: Animals
  • Chapter Five: Abominable Snowmen
  • Fiction: Another Failure
  • Chapter Six: From the Hive Ship
  • Fiction: Things That Were
  • Chapter Seven: Alien Alter Ego
  • Chapter Eight: Appendices

Front Cover Text

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Back Cover Text

The Enemy Of My Enemy Is Still My Enemy

The New Earth Government. A place of progress and hope. A world carefully crafted by the powers that be to give lives to those it protects. The last hope of humanity in a time when it seems as if our light will be extinguished forever. The Migou. Beings who have always viewed the Earth as their backyard, to be used and abused as they will. Creatures caught unaware by what we have become and intent on destroying us because of it.

Enemies bound to the mortal coil, perhaps soon to be consumed by it – and each other.

Live in the world of the NEG, exploring society from the streets on up. Walk within the worlds of politics, religion, and mainstream society. Discover what the growing identity of the Nazzadi is all about. Explore the dark end of the streets where vice and crime dwell. Or discover the world of the alien insects from Pluto and even explore it as one of them. Peel back the veil and see the Migou for what they truly are – and maybe even admire them for it.

Nowhere else will you find a setting like this.

Inside this book you will find:

  • seven pieces of provocative short fiction to help portray the feel of the setting.
  • a detailed exploration of the New Earth Government, to give you a real idea of what it’s like to live in the setting on a daily basis.
  • explore in detail why the Nazzadi were made, who they thought they were, and who they have become.
  • new Character options, including new Nazzadi Qualities and playing Nephilim handlers.
  • an introduction to new technology, including new mecha tech, four new mecha, ten new vehicles of war, and the mysterious Nephilim.
  • a detailed exploration of the hidden world of the Migou, pulling back the curtain to show you who they really are and why they’re here.
  • full rules for designing Migou Characters and telling Migou stories, including two Migou races and six professions.
  • a ready-to-play starter story for Migou games, as well as several Migou story hooks, to start you off right away.

This book is meant to be used with the CthulhuTech storytelling game and requires the Core Book.

For Mature Audiences Only

This book is intended for mature readers. It contains dark and disturbing content and images. Reader discretion is advised.

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