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Front Cover

Publisher: Pagan Publishing

Product Code: 2105

Publishing Year: 2000

Pages: 74

Cover Price: $##.##

Author(s): Steve Hatherley (editor), Bruce Ballon, Mark Bruno, Athur Boff, Jean-Philipe "JP" Chapleau, Ricardo Christe, James D. Collins, Philippa Conmy, Laura Conners, Matt Cowager, Jorge Ferrao, Jon Freeman, Jason I. Gonding, Nathan Gribble, Rob Illing, Robin Low, Richard D. Magrath, Christian Matzke, Martin Ingerslev Østergaard, Bruce Priddy, Adam Schroeder, Mark Slattery, Von R. Smith, Jonathan Turner, Allen Varney

Artist(s): Dennis Detwiller

Setting(s): 1920s, Modern

Format(s): Softcover

ISBN: 1-887797-20-3


Sixty seven scenario ideas, each with three alternative story paths.

  • "Frankenstein Food" by Jon Freeman
  • "The Victim" by Bruce Priddy
  • "Abigail’s Folly" by Mark Bruno
  • "Sleepwriting" by Steve Hatherley
  • "A Favour You Can’t Deny" by Ricardo Christe
  • "Smiling Jack and Mr Smith" by Nathan Gribble
  • "The Terror of Monks Walk" by Jonathan Turner
  • "Couch Potato" by Jon Freeman
  • "In Nomine Diabolis" by Bruce Priddy
  • "The Crypt" by Jorge Ferrao
  • "Dead End" by Mark Slattery
  • "An Impossible Murder" by Martin Ingerslev Østergaard
  • "Door to Door Darkness" by Bruce Ballon
  • "The Drowned Girl’s Story" by Matt Cowger
  • "Failure to Appear" by James D Collins
  • "The Thing in the Pool" by Jonathan Turner
  • "The Followers" by Nathan Gribble
  • "Go-By Street" by Christian Matzke
  • "The Golden Fleece" by Bruce Ballon
  • "Out of the Mouths of Babes and Children" by Nathan Gribble
  • "Goodnight Mr Smith" by Richard D Magrath
  • "The Headless Therapist" by Bruce Ballon
  • "Armed Robbery" by James D Collins
  • "Traffic Stop" by Jonathan Turner
  • "Wake Up Dead" by Bruce Priddy
  • "The Triptych of van Nacht" by Bruce Ballon
  • "A Slip In Time?" by Jonathan Turner
  • "The Last Supper" by Philippa Conmy
  • "The Brotherhood" by Jonathan Turner
  • "The Candle Keep" by Mark Slattery
  • "Little Miracles" by Laura Conners
  • "Clenched Hand" by Ricardo Christe
  • "Homicide" by James D Collins
  • "Kidneys" by Jason I Gonding
  • "House of an Artist" by Jorge Ferrao
  • "In the Forests, the Shadows" by Matt Cowger
  • "Jars" by Steve Hatherley
  • "Out of the Blue" by James D Collins
  • "The Legacy" by Mark Slattery
  • "Life Reflects Art" by Adam Schroeder
  • "Midnight Snack" by Martin Ingerslev Østergaard
  • "The Missing Daughter" by Jorge Ferrao
  • "A Bad Read" by Von R Smith
  • "Road Rage" by Mark Slattery
  • "Out for Blood" by Mark Bruno
  • "Mr Thomson’s Wife" by Jean-Philipe "JP" Chapleau
  • "Suffer the Children" by Bruce Priddy
  • "Can I touch the Angel Mummy?" by Jon Freeman
  • "Under the Big Top" by Mark Bruno
  • "Not Quite Human" by Jorge Ferrao
  • "The Pangboche Hand" by Christian Matzke
  • "A Boy’s Corpse" by Arthur Boff
  • "The Portrait of Reverend Grey" by Jonathan Turner
  • "Preserves" by Steve Hatherley
  • "Little Mouth" by Arthur Boff
  • "The Voodoo Murders" by Mark Bruno
  • "Roadside Assistance" by James D Collins
  • "Sick Building Syndrome" by Bruce Ballon
  • "Twilight" by Matt Cowger
  • "Unseen Mirror" by Arthur Boff
  • "Quarantine" by Bruce Priddy
  • "Voices" by Laura Conners
  • "The Tillinghast Lamp" by Robin Low
  • "The Worm has Turned" by Rob Illing
  • "Sea Circle" by Arthur Boff
  • "Yuggoth" by Richard D Magrath
  • "Oblivion Circle" by Allen Varney

Front Cover Text

Scenario Ideas for Call of Cthulhu

Back Cover Text

(and other things we know you love).

Ideas. You want 'em. We got 'em. By the dozen, in all shapes and sizes. From ugly little beasts to raving monstrosities, and every horror in between. Scenario idea after scenario idea for Call of Cthulhu, each with three different ways to implement them so your players never know what's coming. Fresh, hot, and juicy, straight from the grill of grue - and bloody,bloody rare...

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