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Mnar is a land that exists in the Dreamlands, although it is possible it also may have existed in the Middle East at one time. The Beings of Ib had their city established in the lands of Mnar. The people of Sarnath destroyed the race and their city and cast their bodie into a lake. That night of conquest had been celebrated ever since, with the spoils of war including an altar of Chyrsalite depicting the god Bokrug, the Water Lizard. During one of these celebrations, the high priest of Sarnath was found dead, with DOOM scrawled on the altar.

The city of Sarnath came to dominate Mnar, establishing a large kingdom. Mnar had many victories, both political and military, and became a great power. On a celebration of the destruction of Ib, all the nobles of Mnar and beyond traveled to Sarnath to celebrate. After the city was indeed destroyed by the resurrected Beings of Ib, all the lands of Mnar turned to worship of Bokrug.