Miskatonic University Antarctic Expedition Pack

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Front Cover
Emrboidered Cloth Patch

Publisher: Chaosium

Product Code: 2381

Publishing Year: 1999

Pages: Multiple components

Cover Price: $19.95

Author(s): Charles Engan, Michael Blum, Janyce Engan, John Goodrich

Artist(s): John T. Snyder (cover)

Setting(s): 1930s

Format(s): Multiple components; also produced as PDF

ISBN: 1-56882-145-X


A collection of accessories for use with Beyond the Mountains of Madness (Campaign), including a GM screen, a map of Antarctica, dock passes, a patch and decal, and various printed clues.

The 2-panel GM screen contains information about:

  • Possible Illnesses and Incidents (including the effects of extreme cold)
  • Insanity tables
  • Odd Phenomena and Weird Skies
  • Wind Chill table
  • Crevasses table
  • Frostbite table
  • Aircraft Maintenance tables

The embroidered cloth patch shows an image of period plane flying over a mountain, superimposed over a map of Antarctica. The text around the border reads "Starkweather-Moore * Antarctic Expedition 1933" with an American and British flag.

A temporary tattoo is provided: it is rectangular and shows an anchor with the text "S.S. Gabrielle" and "Antarctica 1933".

A circular window decal is provided, showing a monochromatic image of explorers walking across snow towards a mountain range with text around the border reading "Starkweather-Moore * Antarctic Expedition 1933"

The package includes a loose 2-sided postcard showing a monochromatic photo of the S.S. Gabrielle.

A page of four blue cardboard boarding passes for the S.S. Gabrielle are provided

There is an included large folded map showing a Keeper's-only rendition of the Antarctic continent

Six double-sided pages (i.e., twelve pages) of newspaper clippings are included, complete with period advertisements.

A loose-leaf letter typewritten in German is also included.

Finally, the package provides a sixteen-page booklet on yellowed paper, containing the printed conclusion to Edgar Allan Poe's The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket.

Front Cover Text

for Beyond The Mountains of Madness

Back Cover Text

In this package, you get...

  1. 2-panel keeper's screen tailored for Antarctica,
  2. Embroidered full-colored Starkweather-Moore expedition patch: suitable for cap or jacket,
  3. 12 pages of double-sided newspaper clippings,
  4. 4 souvenir boarding pases for the SS Gabrielle,
  5. The long-lost conclusion to Edgar Allan Poe's "The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket",
  6. 2-color 16" x 20" keeper's map of Antarctica,
  7. Expedition postcard ready for mailing,
  8. Starkweather-Moore expedition window sticker,
  9. official temporary tattoo of the Antarctic expedition.

Comments / Trivia

Unlike other prop kits for Call of Cthulhu campaigns (e.g., those produced by Pagan Publishing), these seem to have been produced in greater numbers making this a less rare item.


review in Nightscapes #12

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