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(This list is of professional produced and publicly sold material.)

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This is a list of Lovecraftian roleplaying supplements that are NOT for Call of Cthulhu or Trail of Cthulhu or CthulhuTech. Supplements for each of these games have their own dedicated entries.

Released Title Publisher Code System PDF?
1980 The Gateway Bestiary Chaosium 4010 Runequest
1980 Deities & Demigods, 1st Printing TSR Games 2013 AD&D
1995 GURPS Cthulhu Punk Steve Jackson Games 6070 GURPS
1995 Epiphany: The Legends of Hyperborea BTRC 9001 Epiphany
1999 Nightmares of Mine Iron Crown Enterprises 5704 none
2000 Pokéthulhu Adventure Game, 1st Edition Squishy Brain Games ?? Pokéthulhu
2000 Supressed Transmission 1 Steve Jackson Games 3005 GURPS
2000 Supressed Transmission 2 Steve Jackson Games 3006 GURPS
2001 GURPS Cthulhu Punk, 2nd Printing Steve Jackson Games 6070 GURPS
2001 Pokéthulhu Adventure Game, 2nd Edition Dork Storm Press 401 Pokéthulhu
2001 De Profundis: Letters from the Abyss, 1st Edition Hogshead Games 405 De Profundis
2002 Pokéthulhu Adventure Game, 3rd Edition Cumberland Games & Diversions ?? Pokéthulhu
2004 Cthulhu for President: The Game Chaosium 0091g Cthulhu for President
2008 Shadows of Cthulhu Reality Deviant 0001 True 20 yes
2008 The Horror of the Old Ones Unicorn Rampant MOD002 d20 yes
2010 Realms of Cthulhu Reality Blurs 20001 Realms of Cthulhu yes
2010 Dark Aeons: The Atlantean Chronicles Stardust Publications ?? Dark Aeons yes
2010 De Profundis, 2nd Edition Cubicle 7 Games 1401 De Profundis yes
2011 Mythos Tales #1: Belly of the Beast Reality Blurs 20002-MT1 Realms of Cthulhu yes
2011 Mythos Tales #2: Unstill Waters Reality Blurs 20003-MT2 Realms of Cthulhu PDF Only
2013 The Archaeologist's Handbook Innsmouth House Press ? General


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'''Publisher:''' [[Publisher Name]]

'''Product Code:''' ABC123

'''Publishing Year:''' ####

'''Pages:''' ###

'''Cover Price:''' $##.##

'''Author(s):''' [[Author 1]], [[Author 2]]

'''Artist(s):''' [[Artist 1]], [[Artist 2]]

'''System(s):''' [[Game System 1]], [[Game System 2]]

'''Format(s):''' Hardcover, Softcover

'''ISBN:''' #########-#


'''Campaigns:''' [[Campaign 1]], [[Campaign 2]]

'''Scenarios:''' [[Scenario 1]], [[Scenario 2]]

'''Articles:''' [[Article 1]], [[Article 2]]

'''Additional:''' Introduction, Player Handouts
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