Lurking Fears

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Front Cover

Publisher: Triad Entertainments

Product Code: 0001

Publishing Year: 1990

Pages: 158

Cover Price: $17.95

Author(s): Michael Szymanski and Scott David Aniolowski

Cover painting and interior illustration: Rodell D. Sanford Jr.

Editing, layout and design: Tim Bush

Copyreading: Scott David Aniolowski

Setting(s): 1920s

Format(s): Softcover


Scenarios: Rise of the Sleeper, Caller in the Desert, The Sundial of Amen-Tet, Sorrow's Glen, The Starshrine, The Devourer

Articles: The Icosahedron- A History

Additional: Handouts section

Back Cover Text


The horrors of the Cthulhu Mythos lurk in the darkest corners of our wholesome world. Sometimes they seek to pour forth from those darkened corners to wreak unimaginable havok upon the Earth.

Within these pages are six such Lurking Fears, which must be faced by those intrepid few who have faced fears before and thwarted them. Can they do so again?

From the Everglades of Florida, to the deserts of Egypt, Lurking Fears pits the Investigators against seldom-before encountered creatures of the Cthulhu Mythos such as Glaaki and the foul Spawn of Abhoth.

Contained in this volume are three regular length scenarios, one short "one-nighter", and a two-part campaign which will take your band of Investigators from the mountains of Carolina to an ancient shrine to the Great Old Ones and a confrontation with a ruthless undead villian.

Included here are:

RISE OF THE SLEEPER- In which an unexpected inheritance leads to a nightmare of undeath in the Florida Everglades.

CALLER IN THE DESERT- In which a carefree holiday in Egypt becomes a living nightmare from the nighted mists of prehistory.

THE SUNDIAL OF AMEN-TET- In which a family crisis leads to a time-traveling madman.

SORROW'S GLEN- In which a morbid archaeological site conceals an abysmal horror.

THE STAR-SHRINE- In which a vampire seeks to free the Great Old Ones.

THE DEVOURER- In which a star-spawned horror threatens to consume the world.

Are you ready for the adventure?

Are you read for the nighted horror?

Dare you face these Lurking Fears?

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Special thanks to Rob Watkins for his helpful suggestions and assistance behind the scenes.


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