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Loveland Frogman, AKA Loveland Frog, Loveland Lizard, and others

Origin: American Folklore


A "Loveland Frogman", as "photographed" by Cincinnati Television station (WCPO).

The Loveland Frogmen are legendary creatures first spotted in rural Loveland, Ohio in 1955 near the Little Miami River, and several times since; the creature is described as a nocturnal creature something like a dwarfish humanoid frog about 3'-4' (one meter) in height, with leathery skin and broad frog-faces.

The original 1955 report made by a motorist driving by night describes seeing a small group of the creatures along the side of a rural lakeside road. The creatures, upon being encountered, conversed among themselves in croaking whispers, until one turned to the motorist's idling car, produced a wand-like device, and waved it over its head, producing sparks and scaring the driver away.

Subsequent sightings are usually less elaborate, typically describing night-time encounters with one Frogman on or around lonely roads or one of Loveland's many poorly-lit bridges, generally scurrying across the road and climbing over guard-railings, or hunched over on the side of the road, and standing up on two legs when approached before retreating into the dark.

Sightings of the creature are generally attributed to urban legends and hoaxes: many reports are conflicted in details, or lack corroborating details altogether. One notable series of well-documented sightings were made by local police in the 1970s, who eventually managed to shoot one of the creatures, and bring the body back to their police station for examination, where the creature was determined to be a very large, tailless iguana; one infamous sighting on Halloween in 2016 was revealed to be the work of a high-school prankster in a home-made frog costume.

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  • (link) - Cincinnati-based WCPO Television's account of a recent Frogman "sighting" and history of the legend.