Librarians (2004 franchise)

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Scene from Librarians (2004 franchise), "...And the Cost of Education"...


A group of investigators known as Librarians set off on adventures in an effort to recover mysterious, ancient artifacts.


  • Release Date: 2014-present
  • Country/Language: US, English
  • Genres/Technical: Fantasy, Adventure, Comedy
  • Starring: Rebecca Romijn, Christian Kane, Lindy Booth, John Harlan Kim, John Laroquette, Noah Wyle, Bob Newhart
  • Director: Courtney Rowe ("...And the Cost of Education")
  • Writer: Kate Rorick ("...And the Cost of Education")
  • Producer/Production Co: Electric Entertainment
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MPAA Ratings

  • Rated: TV-PG (for mild, TV-friendly Violence and Adult Content)

Tentacle Ratings

A rough measure of how "Lovecraftian" the work is:

  • SS___ (Two Tentacles: Barely Lovecraftian; could be a very loose adaptation)

Two "tentacles" for the second season, episode four affectionate parody of "Lovecraftian" cliches, "The Librarians and the Cost of Education, in which the Librarians visit a college described in-universe as the inspiration for Lovecraft's Miskatonic University. Though otherwise lacking in any "Lovecraftian" content, the series itself is essentially structured like a "Call of Cthulhu Lite" campaign, with a party of investigators (including a master thief, a brilliant art expert pretending to be a manual laborer, a math genius with an eiditic grasp of hard science and a brain tumor, a former national security agent, and a mysterious magician) who work together against criminal cults to track down dangerous magical artifacts before they are abused for evil purposes.

Note: This rating is not intended as a measure of quality, merely of how closely related to Lovecraftian "Weird" fiction the work is.


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  • Episode 4, season 2, "The Librarians and the Cost of Education"
    • Students start to vanish at a university founded by a mad historian who believed in alternate dimensions. A missing persons case brings Eve and the team to Wexler University, founded by a 19th-century occultist and the inspiration for H. P. Lovecraft's fictional Miskatonic University. There, they meet Lucy, a student who has been conducting experiments to determine whether or not magic is real. She explains that strange disappearances happen all the time on campus, and that no one bothers to investigate them. Stone gets into an argument with a professor, who is subsequently dragged away by a Lovecraftian entity. The team discovers that Lucy has accidentally summoned the creature through her experiments, but she is taken before they can act. As the entity targets anyone engaged in displays of hubris, Stone and Ezekiel trick it into opening a portal, which Cassandra enters to save Lucy. Before she can return herself, she is contacted by the Lady of the Lake, the leader of an all-female group dedicated to mastering science and magic. She offers Cassandra a chance to join, but she declines. Lucy drops out of Wexler to continue her studies, while Cassandra and Jenkins argue over whether or not the Librarians should be using magic rather than locking it away.


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Associated Mythos Elements

  • tome: ??? Di Francia Vol. XII
  • race: Tentacle Monster, aka "Hybristic" (eater of hubris)
  • location: Alternate Dimension
  • race: "Stumpy" the Gargoyle
  • organization: The Librarians, a secret organization dedicated to tracking down and archiving dangerous magical artifacts
  • organization: The Lake Foundation, AKA "The Lake" serving the interest of the Ladies of the Lake, an all-women organization dedicated to collecting and studying powerful magical and scientific artifacts, use an online "Lake Forum" to recruit women who "really want to understand magic"
  • location: Wexler University
    • supposed in-universe to be the inspiration for H.P. Lovecraft's Miskatonic University
    • campus buildings are arranged in a summoning circle
    • founded by Josiah Wexler ("the renowned occultist"; epitaph after he exploded and died: "They all said I was mad!")
    • founded in 1813 in "Eastern Massachusetts"
    • Wexler used the university to study 18th century occult spiritualism, secretly collect arcane artifacts, research unspeakable oaths, hold strange and perverse rituals
    • school's past gets covered up, except for spells gone awry, monsters, one in five students involved in unsolved disappearances in the middle of the night, the occasional black void, wart outbreaks that give you screaming nightmares...
    • school motto is "Appareat! Diabolis! Ignius!"
    • home of the Omega Theta fraternity, "super weird" with rumors about rituals performed in the basement, which is lined in rare black stone from the Pacific ocean
    • mascot: the Wexler Otters
    • Professor Roger Bancroft, expert on Colonial architecture and skeptic of magic, teaches "radically aggressive" Architecture
    • the Librarians' special "Wexler Protocol" for dealing with cases involving Wexler University:
      • Do not light any candles.
      • Do not drink from any chalices.
      • Do not eat anything while on campus.
      • Do not repeat anything three times.
      • Do not make eye contact with gargoyles.
      • Do not read aloud from a grimoire.

Keeper Notes