Legends of New Orleans

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Front Cover

Publisher: Golden Goblin Press

Product Code: 10010

Publishing Year: 2015 (November)

Pages: 43

Cover Price: $?.00 (PDF)

Authors: Tyler Hudak, John A. Almack, Jon Hook, Nick Nacario, Simon Yee, Mark Shireman

Artists: Illustrated by public domain images and custom photographs

Layout: Mark Shireman

Setting(s): 1920s

Format(s): PDF only


Legends of New Orleans is a PDF collection of six non-mythos scenarios based on the historic folklore of the New Orleans area>

  • Cauchemar by Tyler Hudak — A one on one scenario, designed for a single player and keeper. A lone investigator is drawn down the rabbit hole while looking for a missing friend. Lost time, shifting realities, ethereal horror, and madness abound in this uniquely New Orleans ghost story.
  • Serva Me by John A. Almack — Wherein the investigators uncover the haunting past surrounding a young lady's antique chest. Their research into area colonial history leads them from the Garden District to the French Quarter, as they seek to unravel a tragic and ghostly mystery in one of the most haunted cities on earth.
  • Deliver Me from Evil by Jon Hook — Wherein the investigators help an old friend retrieve his prodigal sister from the debauchery of New Orleans. However, she has gotten involved with something far worse things than smoking, gin, or fellas. Her new friends aren’t keen on letting her leave, nor are they technically alive.
  • The Second Voodoo War by Nick Nacario — Wherein the investigators stumble upon a simmering blood feud between rival clans. A hidden instigator is stirring the pot and tensions are sure to boil over. Investigators soon find themselves caught in the middle of a full blown war fought with curses, spells, and the risen enslaved dead?
  • Curse of Devil Baby by Simon Yee — The story of the cursed Bowes family and their hideous demonic child is a well-known tale in New Orleans. The Devil Baby of Bourbon Street died long ago… or did it? Investigators are hired by the Bowes family to recover something stolen from them: the remains of a child, taken from a tomb marked only with an X.
  • Never Cry Wolf by Mark Shireman — Rougarou: a human cursed to change into a murderous beast. The word alone sends chills up the spines of the denizens of the bayou. Investigators respond to a series savage attacks on notable citizens. Fear and suspicion quickly spreads as sensational headlines and a respected priest lay the blame for the attacks on a rougarou summoned by “The Witch of Bayou Gentilly”.

Scenarios: Cauchemar, Serva Me, Deliver Me from Evil, The Second Voodoo War, Curse of Devil Baby, Never Cry Wolf

Comments / Trivia

This scenario collection was a stretch goal associated with the Kickstarter for Tales of the Crescent City; backers received a PDF as part of their pledge reward; Golden Goblin announced that they plan to later release the book as a separate downloadable purchase.



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