Last Rites (Supplement)

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Front Cover

Publisher: Chaosium

Product Code: 2372

Publishing Year: 1999

Pages: 64

Cover Price: $14.95

Author(s): Ian Winterton

Artist(s): Paul Carrick, Drashi Khendup

Setting(s): Modern

Format(s): Softcover and PDF


Sinister Visitations in the Present-Day

"You have displeased me. You have insulted me. You have angered me. Jerinnana is angered on my behalf. Great Pazzuzu is angered. You are to die. You are to die. Our Curse is upon you."
— translated cuneiform verse from a mysterious stone tablet.

Four challenging horrors for today. A book of wretched poetry, an incautious summoning, a Satanic coven, and a house with a suspicious history are the basic ingredients. Useful as stand-alone adventures, or for a change of pace when inserted into an ongoing campaign. Though suitable for beginning player characters, these adventures are dangerous, and incautious beginners will come to regret rash decisions.

Includes the following adventures:

  • Last Rites — The death of retired professor Henry Ennis brings family and friends to the small town of Runville Massachusetts. New funerals and mystery soon follow.
  • Lethal Legacy — An ordinary mummy has been stolen from the Miskatonic University in Arkham. Something stalks the snow covered countryside.
  • The House on McKinley Boulevard — Within an abandoned house, evil lurks awaiting the unwary.
  • The Priestess — When a less than talented poet is ridiculed by his publishers, he seeks vengeance. But there is much more to this murder than meets the eyes, and who knows what horror may reach out across time and space when blood is spilled.

Scenarios: Last Rites (Scenario), Lethal Legacy, The House on McKinley Boulevard, The Priestess

Additional: Player Handouts, Index

Front Cover Text

Sinister Visitations in the Present-Day

Back Cover Text

Last Rites

  • "Last Rites" — the death of a retired professor on the Massachusetts coast brings family and friends to his funeral. But new funerals quickly follow.
  • "Lethal Legacy" — an ordinary mummy has been stolen from a papier mâché exhibition sarcophagus. Why does University security ignore the theft?
  • "The House on McKinley Boulevard" — a street hustler's suicide awakens a debt of guilt in a dying man.
  • "The Priestess" — when two coeds vanish, a detective's hunch involves the investigators in bad poetry and a chase to a vanished epoch.

Four Call of Cthulhu scenarios for the present day, suitable for beginning keepers and investigators or as intriguing interludes in ongoing campaigns. Numerous illustrations, detailed handouts, 11 new spells, and related maps and plans.

<also includes general advertisements for Chaosium's Call of Cthulhu gaming supplements and fiction>

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Playtesters: Navtage Gill, Jason Landinaff, Clair Littlejohn, Nigel Mills


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