The Spawn (Scenario)

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Included in "Great Old Ones"

Pages: 32

Author(s): Harry Cleaver

Artist(s): Tom Sullivan

Setting: 1920s (specifically, summer 1920)

Appears in: The Great Old Ones (Supplement).

Campaign: Some of the different scenarios in this book are very loosely connected and could conceivably be run as a campaign of sorts.


The Investigators are contacted by an old friend, who is a union representative seeking to organize workers at the Beardsley Copper Mining Co. in remote New Mexico. Recently another union agents was killed under suspicious circumstances ... perhaps murdered by the company to halt his efforts at unionizing Beardsley's workforce. Their old friend entreats the Investigators to come to Coppertown, N.M. to prove the accusation.


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Spoilers - Keepers Eyes Only

Players should not read any further.


The situation at the Beardsley Copper Mining Co. is much more than it seems -- the Beardsley brothers, prospectors who founded the mine, are actually under the sway of a nest of Chthonians which use the area as a breeding site. In return for directing the brothers to larger and larger seams of copper ore, the Mythos creatures receive a diet of human victims (poor miners) and psychic energy. The missing Union organizer was one of these sacrifices.


Player Handouts: Letter from a friend, information on the Beardsley Mining Co, Mining Camp Slang and Jargon, a notebook, map of Beardsley offices, indian wall painting, map of Gila wilderness, cross-section of Broad Vein mine.

Locations: Coppertown, an isolating mining community in New Mexico

Creatures: Chthonians, Children of Yig

Tomes and Artifacts: radioactive Elder Sign (symbol)

Campaigns / Scenarios: Suggestions are offered in The Great Old Ones (Supplement) about linking its various scenarios into a very loose campaign.


Scenario includes some information about the I.W.W. (the "Wobblies") and the role of the Cthulhu Mythos in Pueblo Indian mythology. It also includes some "new secrets of the Chthonians", additional abilities and powers.

One of the NPCs, anthropologist Tyler M. Freeborn, later goes on to accept a position at Miskatonic University and takes part in its expedition to Australia in 1935 (as described in Lovecraft's "The Shadow out of Time").

The scenario includes a passing reference to Castronegro, another New Mexico location visited in the scenario The Secret of Castronegro.

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