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Kiran, The Jasper Terraces of Kiran

Origin: H.P. Lovecraft, Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath (fiction)

In the Mythos

By noon Carter reached the jasper terraces of Kiran which slope down to the river's edge and bear that temple of loveliness wherein the King of Ilek-Vad comes from his far realm on the twilight sea once a year in a golden palanquin to pray to the god of Oukranos, who sang to him in youth when he dwelt in a cottage by its banks. All of jasper is that temple, and covering an acre of ground with its walls and courts, its seven pinnacled towers, and its inner shrine where the river enters through hidden channels and the god sings softly in the night. Many times the moon hears strange music as it shines on those courts and terraces and pinnacles, but whether that music be the song of the god or the chant of the cryptical priests, none but the King of Ilek-Vad may say; for only he has entered the temple or seen the priests. Now, in the drowsiness of day, that carven and delicate fane was silent, and Carter heard only the murmur of the great stream and the hum of the birds and bees as he walked onward under an enchanted sun.
H.P. Lovecraft, Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath (fiction)

Kiran is a small Dream city on the hills above the banks of the River Oukranos upstream of Thran, remarkable for its famed terraced jasper Temple of Seven Towers dedicated to the god of Oukranos, and otherwise populated with small cottages, mansions, and shrines to Dreamlands gods amid the hidden streams, fanes and groves of this dark but peaceful land.

Jasper Temple of Oukranos

The Temple of Oukranos, also known as the Temple of Seven Towers, Jasper Temple, or Temple of Kiran, is an ancient temple dedicated to the god of Oukranos. The temple, carved of jasper, a form of reddish granite gemstone with pale red bands, is walled and terraced, with seven mysterious pinnacled towers in which the temple's monks and priests are cloistered; a strange and gentle music might sometimes be heard within the temple's walls, perhaps played by the hands of the chanting monks, or perhaps of a more supernatural origin. Besides the temple's priests and monks, the King of Ilek-Vad alone is allowed within the temple's walls; the King has made a regular pilgrimage to the temple to pay homage to the god of Oukranos since his youth, when the King dwelt in one of the cottages of Kiran and heard the god singing to him from within the temple's sacred fanes, and ordered the temple's gates to be barred and visitors to be forbidden from trespassing within.

Besides the Temple of Oukranos, Kiran is also home to hundreds of small and hidden shrines of red jasper and green chrysoberyl, each dedicated to one or more of the countless and often nameless Dreamlands gods, some of which might be recognizable to visiting Dreamers, but many of which are long forgotten or remembered now only in distant and obscure lands of dream. One of the newest such shrines is the large red jasper shrine dedicated to the river god Oukranos built at the Temple's barred gates, at which visiting sailors, captains, and travelers may pay their respects and make sacrifice to Oukranos, and give thanks or pray for a safe journey upon the sacred river.

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