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Hopkinsville Goblins, Kelly Green Men,

Origin: American Folklore


Small, dark, indistinct creatures allegedly spotted in a series of strange encounters that began with a sighting of an unusually bright and oddly-coloured meteor or UFO in southwestern Kentucky, with the climax of the legend centering on a bizarre stand-off between about a dozen armed locals at a remote farmhouse in Kelly-Hopkinsville, Kentucky, and dozens of creatures which besieged the house by night, until the state police were called to the house while the family fled for safety.

Initial reports of the Hopkinsville "goblins" described them as small, dark, frightening, child-like humanoid creatures 2'-4' (.6 to 1.2m) tall. As the story gained attention, increasingly lurid newspaper accounts based on the original report elaborated with each retelling by one of the witnesses, as well as later sightings by new witnesses, would add details to the description, such as a greenish-coloured glowing skin, pointed ears, horns, and large saucer-like eyes. The original report described seeing some of the creatures floating through trees and scrambling around the farmhouse rooftop, suggesting that the creatures were capable of flying or levitating; this ability to fly and the other embellished details (the weird eyes, pointed ears, etc.) has led debunkers to suggest that the "goblins" were actually a large species of Great Horned Owl.

The original eyewitness reports described a strange sound when bullets struck the creatures, as if the bullets were striking a metal bucket, with the bullets appearing to do little damage except to cause the creatures to lose balance or topple over before getting back up, and subsequent searches of the area would reveal odd, glowing patches which have been dismissed as naturally-occurring phenomena like "foxfire" or "swamp gas". Debunkers have claimed that the original witnesses - family and friends visiting at an overnight get-together - were drinking alcohol through the encounter, but the original interviews of the witnesses by police indicated that only a couple of the witnesses were drunk, with most actually being quite sober and consistent in their testimony, and clearly terrified from the encounter and convinced of its reality.

Keeper Notes

The original, sketchy reports and sightings of this "cryptid" creature do not supply many details for the creature, leaving keepers and storytellers a lot of freedom to use these creatures as they wish for storytelling purposes, adding new background details and abilities as desired to identify these "goblins" as variations on common Mythos monsters and other entities, such as:

Associated Mythos Elements