Helen of Cthulhu

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Helen has been roleplaying since 1997 and still isn't tired yet. In between games she works as a consultant archaeologist (yes, an actual person with an archaeology degree working in archaeology). Whilst roleplaying and watching TV Helen likes to knit, a hobby that isn't just for grannys, in the same way that roleplay isn't just for boys.

Helen can be heard on the audio games at Yog-Sothoth.com. She is currently playing Violet Davenport, magician's assistant, in Horror on the Orient Express and Alicia Greenwall, intrepid zoologist, in Dark Continent, coming to an audio site near you any day now (or when Paul gets round to it).

Helen is married to Paul Maclean. She did not name Cathulhu and refuses to use her full name at the vet. Helen did, however, name Yorath, who is not named after a football player.