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The Green God, AKA "The Horror" or "The Horror Under Warrendown", is from Ramsey Campbell's "The Horror Under Warrendown".

In the Mythos

— Ramsey Campbell, "The Horror Under Warrendown"

The Horror, which lives under Ramsey Campbell's fictional village of Warrendown in the Severn Valley setting, resembles one of the giant, cephalic statues of Easter Island, though actually a subterranean vegetable completely covered with vines which are actually part of the Horror itself, which can be extended like tentacles to capture victims, or to give a communion offering to The Green God's worshipers.

Heresies and Controversies

  • A similar plant-like deity named E'ilor is mentioned in the short story "Correlated Contents" by James Ambuehl. Like the Green God, E'ilor dwells in a large cavern deep beneath a small farming village in the Severn Valley, and possesses vine-like tentacles which can be used for capturing prey or offering communal sacrifices.

Keeper Notes

Children of the Green God

The Horror possesses a strange mutagenic ability: Anyone who partakes of its flesh (i.e., the vegetables that grow from its plant-like overgrowth) will eventually transform into a grotesque, rabbit-like "Children of the Green God", who worship and serve the Horror, and are dedicated to tricking others into joining their cult by offering them fresh vegetables harvested from it.

Associated Mythos Elements