Goat Mother and others

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Goat Mother and others


Publisher: Oakland, CA: Chaosium Inc., 13 Feb 2015

Page Count: 448 p.

Author: Pierre V. Comtois;

Editors: Nick Nacario & Charlie Krank

Artist: Victor Leza, cover art

Artist: C. George Porter & Gregorio Montejo , interior art


The Complete Mythos Fiction of Pierre V. Comtois


  • "The Secret Name"
  • "Goat Mother"
  • "High and Dry"
  • "The Old Ones’ Signs"
  • "The Deep Cellars"
  • "The Legacy of Acheron"
  • "Aqua Salaria"
  • "Dreams of Yig"
  • "Take Care What You Seek"
  • "The Country of the Wind"
  • "What the Sea Gives Up"
  • "Footsteps in the Sky"
  • "Zzzzzzzz!"
  • "Second Death"
  • "The King in Yellow"
  • "The Pallid Masque"
  • "Final Plea"
  • "Masks of the Puppet Lord"
  • "A Question of Meaning"
  • "Thoughts on Lovecraft and his Mythos"


Chaosium publication 6060. ISBN-10:1-56882-403-3. ISBN-13: 978-1-56882-403-1. Part of the Call of Cthulhu Fiction line.