Ghouls: Eaters of the Dead

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Publisher: Sixtystone Press

Product Code: TBA

Announce Date: February, 2011

Expected Publication Date: None Announced

Project Status: "Post playtest editing"

Expected Page Count: 150+

Author(s): Dan Harms, others TBA

Artist(s): TBA

Setting(s): Multiple Eras (1920s, Modern?, others?)

Format(s): TBA

ISBN: #########-#


In a press release, Sixtystone Press announced this multi-era source book and adventure compilation themed around ghouls.

From the publisher:

This is an entirely new sourcebook dealing exclusively with everyone’s favourite corpse-eating grave-robbing monsters. Written by Sixtystone’s resident Ghoul expert Dan Harms, this sourcebook contains such information as Ghoulish transformations, their diet, psychology and society, religion, magic, humans and ghoul relations as a well as a comprehensive set of handouts and a series of scenarios pitting the investigator against the ghouls or their agents in a number of different eras.

As a preview, Sixtystone Press released a PDF-only version of one scenario extracted from this book, Digging Up The World. This scenario is described:

The small town of Aylesbury is buzzing over the sudden madness of two of its local boys: Kurt Caughey and Richard Doggett. Once they were two layabouts who did nothing but sit about their homes and listen to the radio. Now, they have taken it upon themselves to dig compulsively, spending sixteen-hour days turning a backyard into a construction zone. No one is certain why this is the case.

This scenario is a 1920s Call of Cthulhu scenario for a small group of investigators, preferably one of whom will have a high Medicine or Biology skill.

Scenarios: Digging Up The World, Scenario 2, ..

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