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Ghisghuth, father of Tsathoggua; alternative spelling of Ghizghuth (Ghisghuth appears to be the spelling favoured by C.A.Smith, but the "Ghizghuth" spelling appears in Planets and Dimensions by C.A.Smith, Mirage Press, 1973), sometimes also spelled Ghizguth and Ghisguth.

Origin: (uncertain; appears to be a creation of Clark Ashton Smith, and perhaps only mentioned in that author's "Family Tree of the Gods")

In the Mythos

Ghizghuth, the male progeny born of Cxaxukluth in a far system, father of Tsathoggua upon its 'wife', Zstylzhemgni. ("The Family Tree of the Gods" by Clark Ashton Smith)

Heresies and Controversies


Associated Mythos Elements and Keeper Notes