Fuel of the Gods

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Game System: Call of Cthulhu (RPG), Delta Green

Pages: 14

Author(s): Michael Cisco

Setting: Modern, Delta Green

Appears in: The Unspeakable Oath, Issue 14+15.



FOST Petroleum has hired the investigators to track down test driver who were in contact with petrol derived from new oil source. Test drivers are to be handed over to the corporation.


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The oil has some mind, and machine controling abilities. But it has great mileage! If you ignore that the car then drives by itself, and tries to run you over.

There are 3 test drivers, each one with a different kind of fuel with a different colour code:

  • Orange - Peter Froson - his petroleum only compelled him to drive endlessly
  • Purple - William Stebelkov - his petroleum makes him drive without stopping, only leaving his car when necessary, and his car radio tells him to kill
  • Green - Jan Bronski - his petroleum made him drive without stopping, and drink itself, as directed by the radio, he plans to raise an army of cars under his command and take over the town, he can also summon more oil from the sea bottom


Player Handouts: The "Orange" Tape.

Locations: New York, Green Ridge(CO), Willoughby(CA).


Tomes and Artifacts:

Campaigns / Scenarios:


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