For The Love Of...(Supplement)

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Cover of For The Love Of...

Publisher: Miskatonic University Podcast

Product Code: N/A

Publishing Year: 2017

Pages: 24

Cover Price: $0.00 (Site registration required)

Author(s): Jon Hook

Artist(s): Justin Hook (Credited as "Graphic Composition Editor")

Setting(s): 1920s

Format(s): PDF



Scenarios: For The Love Of...

Additional: Keepers Introduction (Pgs 4 & 5), Player Handouts (Pgs 22 & 23)

Front Cover Text


Back Cover Text

You and your companions are recognized as local experts in things strange and unusual, which is why Detective Harden has asked you and your team to consult on the murder of Arkham socialite, Eugene Saltonstall. For the crime scene defies all reasonable explanation, and is more aptly described as something strange and unusual. Drained of blood and torn to pieces, the murder of Eugene Saltonstall is something the Arkham Police Department is not trained to understand and unprepared to handle. Hopefully you're up to the task!

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